Pre-fall 2015: Elizabeth and James

elizabeth and james pre-fall 2015 // look 14 | simple pretty

look 14

Elizabeth and James’ pre-fall collection was full of polished looks that had a touch of gamine. I’m particularly fond of the elongated lines from look 14’s high-waisted skirt and t-neck. (worn with Stan Smiths, no less). See the complete collection at

elizabeth and james pre-fall 2015 // look 1 | simple pretty

look 1

elizabeth and james pre-fall 2015 // look 6 | simple pretty

look 6

elizabeth and james courtesy photos for

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Pre-Fall 2015: Narciso Rodriguez

narciso rodriguez pre-fall 2015, look 1 | simple pretty

look 1

A dress to die for (hyperbolic, but feels accurate at the moment). From Narciso Rodriguez’s tightly edited, 12-look pre-fall collection, which you can preview at

narciso rodriguez courtesy photo for

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Runway vs. Reality: The Row

runway vs. reality: the row's pink dress for resort 2015 | simple pretty

Earlier this year, I went crazy for The Row’s pink “Iya” wool sheath dress from the Resort 2015 collection. Completely besotted by the shape and the color, I needed it, and patiently waited for it to show up online. And then it did, complete with $4090 price tag. (eek!) While I still LOVE it, even if I were brave/crazy enough to buy it, I would still be too scared to ever wear it out of the house. (What if I spilled coffee on it? Could I enact an expensive-dress-stay-back policy on the tube? Doubtful.) So, I was happy to find a similar-styled dress, from Matches’ Freda line, for £395 (about $620). The pink is not quite as sublime, and I prefer The Row’s styling (lace ups beat heels), but I would also be able to wear it.

images from and

layout and type by jane potrykus

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Giving Thanks

leaves, thanksgiving 2014 | simple pretty

It’s Thanksgiving morning in London, and though it still seems odd that it’s simply “Thursday” in my world, the omnipresent sounds of construction are here to remind me. We’re about half-way through our London experience (if everything goes according to plan), and I feel like we’ve finally settled into a rhythm, though that rhythm certainly includes its fair share of bumps and setbacks. I’m mindful that our good experiences outweigh the bad, and that is certainly due to the kindness of many people: some intentional; some serendipitous. And I hope to be paying it back, even if it’s in the smallest way.

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared photo favorites in this space, and I thought today was the perfect day for another installment. Enjoy!

  1. Sharing a few images from ….
  2. Home flowers
  3. I worked as a textile designer ….
  4. Taking a detour
  5. immersed in #watercolors today
  6. Susan is exhibiting in Atlanta ….
  7. #ViaCarota #GroveStreet #WestVillage #NewYork
  8. Lady at the checkout ….
  9. Autumn apples
  10. Hydrangea
  11. after sunrise #chicago
  12. the first really cold day ….
  13. Untitled
  14. Manhattan Beach Pier at Dawn
  15. Along the Mabou River

Photo 15 seemed like the perfect way to end this series. Happy Thanksgiving: may your world be filled with gratitude and peace today.

photo at top by jane potrykus


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Fudge: Japanese Fashion Magazine

fudge magazine december 2014 | simple pretty

december 2014 cover

Much as I’d like to think otherwise, my magazine addiction is still running strong. However, as a perfectionist, the more I spend, the more I expect from a title. (And magazine prices seem to be heading up.) Scrolling through the internet, I was immediately drawn to Fudge magazine‘s December cover (above), despite the fact that the choice of cover model screams “teen mag”. Intrigued, but a bit skeptical, I plunked down my £12 at the local Japanese bookstore and dug in. What a pleasant surprise it was: apparently, teens and 20-somethings* in Japan are obsessed with the same things I am: minimalist, comfy fashion paired with utilitarian luxe® handbags and natural, almost-no-makeup-makeup. (Japanese culture seems to specialize in my predilection for perfectionism and minimalism.) What makes Fudge work? First off, the layout/design is divine: it’s photo-driven, which makes the fact that I can’t read Japanese less of an issue. Also, Fudge featured many of the same designers I look to for design inspiration (including Jil Sander and Margaret Howell), and added a few new Japanese shops to my online fashion research base. That’s the nice thing about being a fashion minimalist: with a few styling/accessory tweaks, the clothing choices tend to work across a wide range of ages.

I think I’m hooked: Fudge, you have a new fan.

fudge magazine handbags | simple pretty

handbags feature

fudge magazine coats | simple pretty

coats editorial

fudge magazine gifts | simple pretty

gift ideas

all photos by jane potrykus

*fudge’s tag line is “new type fashion magazine for girls”, but magazine cafe store pegs the typical reader as a 23-27 year-old.

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