Monthly Archives: June 2006

Friday Five

Happy Friday!  This week’s five focuses on Minneapolis/St. Paul, and my five top picks for a visit ….. 1.    Victory Charming store full of antiques, and gifts.  It isalways closed when I visit, making me crazy to get inside! 2.   Punch Pizza   Neapolitan-style pizza.  Enough said. 3.   Tank Goodness Chocolate-chip cookies that are soooo good […]

Reading takes time

I was so well-intentioned this morning when I started in on the papers (while drinking my morning coffee, of course).  Just get through it, and move on to other things.  Clearly, this did not happen.  I was side-tracked by four articles that fetched more than my typical scan-and-go: 1.    The Chicago Tribune’s review of […]

Oh so sweet

What a good mail day Monday was!  (My cynical take is that Monday’s mail is what Saturday could have been ….)  So many magazines, including Cottage Living and Country Living, and more importantly, my first Card Society mailing from Port2Port Press.  Two very cute cards (very poorly captured by my scanner, which sounded like it was […]

But will it work?

The Sunday NYTimes, in an article by Amy Sutherland, “Modern Love: What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage,” taught me that marital frustrations can be trained away, much in the way that dolphins learn. Reading the piece reminds me of many parenting strategies I’ve accumulated over the years – don’t reward negative behaviors; focus on […]

Friday Five

It’s Friday again – this week’s five is places I’ve never traveled to, but would like to. 1.   London   If to do nothing else than visit an Emma Bridgewater shop – have to go. 2.   Paris    L’Arc de Triomphe, the food, the cafes.  So romantic! 3.    Portland, OR    Getting a lot of buzz lately – […]