Monthly Archives: August 2006

Roberto Santos

Courtesy of my ever-hipper cousin, another great food photographer – Roberto Santos.  Loved the macaroni-and-cheese photo!  (Great website too, by the way)  Check him out here. And speaking of photos, last night I bit the bullet and opened aFlickr account.  So far, I’ve only posted one photo (of clam chowder – yes, more food) but I […]

Rococo Chocolates

Original flavors and beautiful wrappers – that’s why I loveRococo Chocolates!  Chances are, you’ve seen them featured in a catalog or magazine without knowing it.  I know that Martha has used the wrappers from time to time as a nice bulletin board adornment.  And at Easter time, Rococo makes some beautiful hen and egg-shaped chocolates. Unfortunately, […]


As you may know (ha ha), I am quite obsessed with letterpress stationery.  So, when a letterpress company is compiling a mailing list, you just know I need to be on it.  I registered a while ago with Eggpress, a Portland, OR company that makes the coolest (and cutest) stuff.  They are re-launching their site September […]

Another Two Bite the Dust ….

It’s no more for Shop, Etc or Weekend.  Both were closed by Hearst last week after the release of the latest circulation numbers.  Frankly, I’m not surprised.  Shop, Etc was no Lucky.  It had moved from “I might buy it” to “Whatever” on my radar.  And Weekend?  It never knew what it wanted to be.  I loved […]

Friday Five

Ahhh, cookbooks and decorating/home books.  If the photography is high-quality, they are my favorites for the coffee table.  And this fall seems to feature a bumper-crop of must-haves.  This Friday Five?  Lifestyle books I’m eagerly anticipating: 1.    A Passion for Parties, by Carolyne Roehm    The pictures alone in any of her books will […]