Friday Five

Ahhh, cookbooks and decorating/home books.  If the photography is high-quality, they are my favorites for the coffee table.  And this fall seems to feature a bumper-crop of must-haves.  This Friday Five?  Lifestyle books I’m eagerly anticipating:

1.    A Passion for Parties, by Carolyne Roehm    The pictures alone in any of her books will keep you busy for days.  Her parties are over-the-top, but in an over-the-top way that I like ….

2.    Homekeeping Handbook, by Martha Stewart    Okay, I’m already a control-freak housekeeper (who irons sheets) but I figure this is going to be the ne plus ultra resource guide.  Stain removal?  The best way to clean a window?  Certainly, Martha has figured it out, and then some.

3.    Barefoot Contessa at Home, by Ina Garten    Genius cookbooks – a killer combination of recipes that are delicious, along with photographs to salivate over.  Gotta have it!

4.    Nell Hill’s Entertaining in Style, by Mary Carol Garrity    I’ve never been to the Nell Hill’s store (probably because it’s in Atchison, Kansas – a hike of sorts) but her styling is amazing.  More virtual party goodness

5.   Tartine, by Elizabeth Prueitt    Those who know me well know of my bakery weakness.  Looking forward to studying the photographs in this cookbook – not to bake anything, but to plan my next order.  It’s on the way to me, from amazon, as we speak!

Happy reading/ordering!  See you Monday.

By the way, isn’t it sad to see Rob Corddry leave the Daily Show!