Monthly Archives: September 2006

Friday Five

It’s Lasik Day!  And consequently, I am a nervous wreck, because that is how I roll.  Therefore, today’s five are my current favorite ways to distract my mind. 1.    Stephen Colbert’s Word from 9/27 Deals with the Clinton/Wallace Fox News “controversy”  (courtesy of YouTube)  Five minutes of satire bliss. 2.    Justin Timberlake’s “My […]

Cedar Seven

I wish I could say this was my “get”, but thanks to Mav ofPort2Port Press, I’ve found another artist to adore.  Cindy Jaswal, from Vancouver, BC, has the most charming and captivating art at her web site, Cedar Seven.  I am a big bird fan, and I just love the bird art featured in her portfolio. […]

Consumerism isn’t just for humans ….

I saw these adorable dog treats a couple of weeks ago at the Down Town Dog, a local dog store that carries lots of cool treats for your favorite dog(s).  Roll Over Red Rover, based in Novato, CA, makes the cutest dog treats ever!  The packaging is delightful, and the treats are soooo cute – they […]

Project Runway

The fall tv season is upon us, and I am busy keeping up with my favorite shows.  Studio 60 is wonderful, and written so that I’m constantly having to pay attention so as not to miss something.  The Office never fails to make me laugh, and of course, there is the Monday through Thursday commitment […]

Food TV

Today is a busy day for me – I have an appointment to see if I qualify for LASIK surgery.  (Cross your fingers that two straight weeks with glasses has had a purpose!)  So for today, I’m keeping it simple:  nothing to buy, nothing to long for, just an interesting article at the New Yorker, […]