Cedar Seven

I wish I could say this was my “get”, but thanks to Mav ofPort2Port Press, I’ve found another artist to adore.  Cindy Jaswal, from Vancouver, BC, has the most charming and captivating art at her web site, Cedar Seven.  I am a big bird fan, and I just love the bird art featured in her portfolio.  (The chickadee drawing in particular speaks to me.)  One print, Fox Sparrow, is available at her Etsy shop, but really, you need to see more.  Check it out here. Oh, and check out her Flickr photos here.  Thanks again, Mav!

As for Project Runway, I’m relieved that Laura has officially made it to Bryant Park.  Yes, Uli’s dress looked very “Elle”, but Laura’s photo captured her viewpoint quite well.  It’s like Laura is being penalized for being 43 and elegant!  Both have a signature look that they’ve cultivated over the season’s challenges.  Personally, I’d take Laura’s low-cut cocktail wear over Uli’s print-and-roping dresses any day.  Not sure how this is all going to end up.  You can certainly see the producers’ hands in this season.