Monthly Archives: October 2006

Barefoot at Home

Get yourself to the grocery store and stock up on butter, because today, Ina Garten’s new book, Barefoot Contessa at Home, is out.   I ordered my copy from Amazon this morning, so I have until Thursday to acquire my cache de beurre.  Once the book arrives, I will analyze each dessert to decide which will be […]

Weekend Wrap

October’s time seems to be marked by soccer: I’m either going to games and practices, or keeping track of rainouts.  This weekend, after game #1, we drove north to Milwaukee.  Broadway Paper is my favorite paper store for Christmas cards (and greeting cards in general – they carry so many lines).  I came, I saw, […]

Friday Five

There are so many movies that I want to see!  Fortunately, the suburban theatres are helping manage my time by not showing the movies I favor.  The five movies I currently want/need to see are: 1.    Marie Antoinette (going Monday!) 2.    Infamous 3.    Little Children 4.    The Queen 5.    Sweet […]

Art vs. Craft

My good friend R passed along this great idea for today.  If you’re in the Milwaukee area (or can get there), on November 4 & 5, Art vs. Craft will be taking place at the Michael J. Cudahy Student Center of the Milwaukee School of Engineering.  That’s MSOE to those in the know – and that […]

This American Life

Whenever I listen to This American Life, I enjoy it:  host Ira Glass has a unique voice, and David Rakoff and Sarah Vowell are always funny.  (and talk about unique voices with Ms. Vowell ….)  Trouble is, most weeks I miss it.  Something’s always happening on Fridays at 7pm when it airs locally.   And then, […]