Monthly Archives: November 2006

Waiting on the snow ….

The lovely string of spring weather has left – and today, Chicago is watching the skies for the “big snow” that has been predicted.  If you are 9, there is nothing more exciting than the prospect of a snowstorm.  If you are 40, and trying to get Christmas shopping done and errands run, you prefer […]

We have lights!

Because I read far too many shelter magazines, I am constantly devising plans to “improve” my house.  Around 18 months ago, I decided that what the back of the house needed was a pergola, with lights so that you could linger outside on a warm evening.  Well, ta da!  It’s finally complete: built (last winter), […]

Need cards?

I think I finally have enough Christmas and holiday cards for this year, but if you’re still searching, Amy Armato has some lovely Tree and Snow cards available at her etsy shop.  Available in aqua or white, and I just love the snow crossing the card!  Check out all of her offerings here. And while I’m talking about etsy, […]

Four weeks to go ….

What a lovely, long Thanksgiving weekend!  The weather in Chicago was spectacular – lots of time spent outdoors.  Had drinks with friends, dinner with family, watched Wordplay (again – it is really good and I highly recommend it as a rental), shopped local downtowns, went to the beach, hung Christmas lights (which inspired the above […]

Wednesday Flickr Five

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  I’m going to take the rest of the week off to enjoy the holiday.  So, two days early, here are the Friday Five: 1.    DSCF2082 gorgeous, gorgeous robin picture! 2.    Cheap, easy photo display wall enough said. 3.    nov. 20 kitakata dress lovely dress from letterpress. 4.    oatmeal […]