Monthly Archives: December 2006

Final 2006 Flickr Five

As the rain continues to fall, it’s hard to believe that Christmas is just three days away. I guess I’m getting a taste of SEattle living. My Flickr Five are: the holiday approaches LD: litho skirt III, wool ballet top I want this! Caught in the Snow Whitetail in Snow Nantucket ocean kayaks (color) I […]

Read and Laugh

It’s the winter solstice today, which means it only gets better, light-wise, from here. Hooray! Today’s post features two items that should bring cheer to the darkest day of the year: Saying Yes to Mess Embrace your piles! Messiness is a sign of activity, or so sayeth the NYTimes. (of course, January is Get Organized […]

Black Pearl Press

I love letterpress, and I really love Black Pearl Press. Based in Boston, Elisabeth turns out the loveliest invitations, announcements, stationery, and assorted ephemera. Her “12 Days of Christmas” card set collaboration with Happy Menocal is featured in the December Design*Sponge shop. (Which means you have to order soon – the shop changes in January […]

A song of beauty

Six days to go. And as an adult, this is when Christmas fatigue sets in – I start to lose sight of the joy of the holiday, and cross over into checking-things-off-a-list mode. But not yesterday. Yesterday, I spent the day listening to “O Holy Night” as performed by The City of New Orleans on […]

Something to think about

The end of the year …. time to think about tips for the milkman, the newspaper deliverer, the hairstylist …. you know the drill. As you work through your own list of donations and tips and gifts, the NYTimes makes a compelling argument for digging even deeper to eradicate poverty world wide. Read Peter Singer’s […]