Monthly Archives: January 2007

Squid Soap

It’s cold and flu season, and we’ve had at least one person sick with a cold here since Christmas, with no immediate end in sight. I have my son wash his hands as soon as he gets home from school, but I do not supervise (most days), and I suspect there are many times that […]


Fall fashion week starts on Friday in New York. That’s right – Fall 2007 – and I’m still on the hunt for spring fashion. Most of my wish list isn’t anywhere near the stores yet. It’s the curse of January. I’ll just have to temporarily think ahead to fall, and then return to the hunt. […]

Three Tarts Bakery

This week’s installment of Bakery Monday keeps it local (for me, anyway). Three Tarts Bakery, in Northfield, IL, has a wonderful pastry case whether you’re searching for a breakfast treat, a small snack, or a birthday cake. I love that they will personalize a birthday cake while you wait – kind of a reward for […]

Friday Flickr Five

Good morning! Today it’s brisk outside, but sunny – and rumored to get above freezing. Hooray! Here are the five for this week: my feet are cold isn’t this sweet? kitchen love I am totally besotted with MAV’s blue table saturday morning great color don’t wait up Cheeky Wren love the bird with the string […]

Jennifer Murphy Decorations

I know – Christmas was just one month ago, but you have to look at Jennifer Murphy’s new decorations collections. Produced by Midwest of Cannon Falls, there are three adorable vintage-inspired collections: Christmas, Halloween, and Frozen Charlottes (read the story about how Frozen Charlottes got its name). I am totally smitten with three items from […]