Friday Flickr Five

Warning: today’s post has nothing to do with fall fashion! It is Friday, after all, and therefore the five are as follows:

  1. milky I think this would make a gorgeous watercolor painting
  2. Visual Diary: September 23, 2005 about being lonely, yet lovely sketching
  3. leftovers of happiness oh, the colors!
  4. blackberry jam the blue hue of the mug got me ….
  5. purse factory I am currently obsessed with the sketching + crafting of Ms. Bugheart, and once again, the colors drew me in.

Okay, I can’t hold it in any longer – I’m bursting – yesterday’s Calvin Klein and Vera Wang shows were sooo good!  In my old age, I am becoming a fashion minimalist. Goodbye, Lilly Pulitzer; Hello Prada – and the Calvin Klein show was full of simple yet gorgeous design. Vera Wang had splashes of  color to entice me: mustardy yellowy browns. Check them out! Today is the final day of shows in New York, and so next week, it’s back to when-will-it-be-spring. Have a great weekend!