Catching up ….. counting down

It’s a lovely, cooler morning today ….. although with no meaningful rain, I’m headed out in a sec to water plants and pots. On today’s agenda is a must-needed (almost emergency) trip to the grocery store, as well as getting rid of the piles, piles, piles of paper ….. and trying not to obsess about the iPhone. (I really really want it! But do I really really need it? But then why is it soooo awesome? C’mon, just a couple of bad reviews would have helped …. but nooooo they’re all raves ……)To catch up, today’s NYTimes Style section has a couple of interesting articles. The first is “Mommy Is Truly Dearest“, about today’s much more dependent mother-daughter relationships. Been there; done that! And since I’m (cough) older, I found “Beauty Regimens Reach for the Gold Standard” reassuring. Hey, I don’t spent that much on “upkeep”. Yet. However, it must be noted that my co-dependent relationship is with my colorist.As for counting down? I’m taking the Independence Day/holiday week off from blogging, so after tomorrow’s five, I’m on vacation, and free to stalk the AT&T store in search of the god machine. See you tomorrow!