Monthly Archives: September 2007

Friday Flickr Five

I love fall. The light, the colors. So many great pictures to favorite; so little time.Here are the Five: sunny yellow pyracanthus :: catching my breath Left over from the rain There were so many great photos this week that these five are just scratching the surface. Spend a little time on Flickr looking at […]

Nothing like a full night’s sleep

Okay, so I never got around to taking a nap, but since I am not above going to bed at 8pm, I feel “caught up”. Fueled by Starbucks, I managed to slog through yesterday’s routine.The high point was the UPS man delivering the book pictured above. Fact: I am obsessed with picture books. Always have […]

Due to extreme tiredness

I am taking the day off. (We were in the ER from 1-3 am. End result? Our son does not have appendicitis ….)See you tomorrow!

When Karma Works With You

After a slow start yesterday (the NYTimes delivered only part of the paper), things started to pick up in the good karma department. I’m 99% finished finding volunteers for “Art Adventure” at my son’s school. (this always feels great, because cold calling is not that much fun) I now have my $100 thank-you-for-paying-too-much-for-your- now-discontinued-iPhone credit. […]

The last hot day?

It’s supposed to reach 90 here today, but by week’s end, the highs should be closer to 70. (which is more to my liking, especially by the end of September) In anticipation, we are trying to finish up the yard work for the season. A couple of plants were transplanted to allow them to fill […]