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I’m beginning to realize where my “found” four hours each week (not watching Jon or Stephen due to the writers’ strike) are going. They’re going to blog reading. I keep coming across new ones that pique my interest, and then I have to keep up with their daily postings. It goes in cycles. For a while there I was reading a lot of wedding boards (hard to pass up pretty flowers, dresses and invitations) and now I’m back into my usual category of “things that inspire”. A wide category, to be sure, but I know it when I see it. Take for example some new favs:

  • The Modern Letter Project Oh, is this a great blog! I don’t know how they hit it out of the park each and every day, but they do. Great interviews (with Maria and Rebecca), cute product information (like the holiday card guide) and new-to-me stuff like yesterday’s feature about the Envelope Collective. Not to mention that I am loving their cute little snail in the masthead! Mark it down: new addiction = the Modern Letter Project.
  • Inspiration Boards I “met” Lori Pickert through Flickr earlier this year, when she asked me to add my ribbon board photo (pictured above) to the Inspiration Boards group. Now, I’ve learned (through Holly at Decor8) that she has a new blog. I love looking at other people’s boards. They can tell you so much about a person. And Lori’s blog is great. With fun photos and interviews, it’s worth a read. (I especially enjoyed her interview with Jennifer Causey, of Simply Photo.)

You can thank me for your “lost” time later. I think you won’t mind too much …. enjoy.

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  1. Lori Pickert
    November 28, 2007 / Permalink

    hi jane! thanks for the mention! :^)