Monthly Archives: December 2007

Holiday Friday Flickr Five

We’re here: “The Speckled Egg’s” final post for 2007. Hope you enjoy today’s theme ….. on with the Five: Wilson’s Warbler Wine tag/gift tag/ornament/etc Black-capped Chickadee Oriole Orange Ribbon The Robin & the Lion Couldn’t end without a Christmas robin! Happy Holidays to all, and a peaceful, joy-filled New Year. I’ll see you back in this […]

Holiday Reminder

Tomorrow will be my last post for the year. One last “Friday Flickr Five” and it’s off for two weeks of revelry. Of course, my mind is already thinking about potential resolutions. (Sorry – I can’t help it. I think ahead.) But more of that in January. For today, I’d like to boldly suggest a […]

Inspired by Helvetica

We watched Helvetica on Sunday. Turns out, I knew almost nothing about the font, other than it turns 50 this year, and therefore found the film very interesting. (It’s everywhere! Who knew?) My husband and son joined me about 20 minutes in …. and stayed ’til the end. Starting Monday morning, someone was hard at work […]

One week to go ….

…. and I’m feeling on top of things. Hopefully, that’s a good sign, and not an ominous one. My gift from me to me arrived yesterday (photo above). I just couldn’t see anyone buying me a jar of honey, and I wanted it, so there you go. I bought orange blossom, and after the honey […]


Hello, and Happy Monday morning. Our “weekend in the city” got tabled, since Chicago was hit with more snow on Saturday. I think we got another six inches, so we passed on the potential 2 1/2 hour drive this time around.  Instead, we had dinner at a cozy local Italian restaurant, since I was craving […]