Monthly Archives: January 2008

Magazine gratitude (and sidetracked, too)

My buddy was home from school on Wednesday. No fever, he just was acting a little under the weather. (My first clue? I came back from walking the dog at 3:45 and found him asleep on the couch. That never happens.) So I kept him home, and let him rest. We played Connect Four and […]

Bits of electronic/technologic gratitude

Where would I be without my gadgetry, and my internet? So much to be thankful for. The gratitude starts with my iPod: Seriously, it could be the best invention ever. I love that I can change just one song on a playlist, and it livens up my three-times-a-week running habit. (I’m getting a little faster, […]

Bits of gratitude

I worked myself into a good funk on Sunday. (Don’t ask.) So, my focus for the rest of the week will be to highlight things I’m grateful for in an attempt to deprogram myself. Today, I am grateful for Foodstuff‘s chocolate chip scones. (see photo above) So full of chocolate chips, and the large size […]

What I’m Reading

Christmas seems like ages ago. January ends this week. Time flies. But thankfully, I’m starting to feel a bit more organized, and on top of things. (Looking for wood to knock on.) See all of the tabs peeking out of the books in the photo? That’s a sign that I really liked what I was […]

Giveaway #3: Fresh Lip Shine

Hello, readers! This week’s giveaway is a brand new, never opened Fresh Lip Shine in “Daphne”. The color is a pretty sheer your-lips-but-better muted red. (I did just open the box to confirm the color description.) I got this from the Fresh store in Boston in December (and I have two more tubes; hence the […]