What I’m Reading

Christmas seems like ages ago. January ends this week. Time flies. But thankfully, I’m starting to feel a bit more organized, and on top of things. (Looking for wood to knock on.)

See all of the tabs peeking out of the books in the photo? That’s a sign that I really liked what I was reading, and want to go back and savor. I read about Today’s Top Stationery Artists when I was checking out the Good on Paper website to see what was new. I love that it’s full of photos of some of my favorite stationery artists: Snow & Graham, Paper + Cup, Egg Press, Fomato, and Good on Paper, of course. I’m definitely keeping it close at hand for reference.

The second book, Restaurant Graphics, was a birthday gift from my brother. Loving it, as one of the first examples is AvroKO‘s work for Public in New York. (Cool, huh? Fab library/retro feel. A Public Wine Mailbox would be fun to have. Perhaps I should eat there first, though. As usual, getting ahead of myself.) I’ve been anticipating AvroKO‘s own design book forever. (The publication date keeps getting pushed back. Hopefully, February 19 will be the real deal.) Then, to top it off, there’s a section dealing with the Butcher Shop, and B&G Oysters, two of Barbara Lynch’s Boston restaurants whose identity I’ve been known to obsess over.

Any books you’d like to recommend for tabbing? See you tomorrow.