Magazine gratitude (and sidetracked, too)

My buddy was home from school on Wednesday. No fever, he just was acting a little under the weather. (My first clue? I came back from walking the dog at 3:45 and found him asleep on the couch. That never happens.) So I kept him home, and let him rest. We played Connect Four and Guess Who? – both games are quick to play, and better yet, we are very evenly matched.

photo scanned from Domino Magazine

On with Thursday’s installment of Gratitude. I’m magazine obsessed, and one of my go-to’s is Domino. I love that they source nearly everything, and I also love their simple and elegant ideas. Take for instance the photo above. I love the idea of enlarging a print, and framing it. (Truth be told, I’m also a little crazy about the frame and the wall color. And the furniture.) I’m going to hit eBay in search of some cool botanicals to copy this look.

photo scanned from Domino Magazine

In the meantime, my next floral arrangement is definitely going to contain some silver brunia. Gorgeous. Grateful for these photos, and for Domino, too.

Until tomorrow, then. Sick days wear me out. Enjoy the last day of January.