Japanese Letterpress Magazine

When Rebecca, at  Moontree  Letterpress, posted recently that her work was featured in a magazine, I only had to read Japanese and letterpress to know I would be tracking down a copy for myself that same day. Dezain No Hikidashi 10 features myriad examples of letterpress (including Brooklyn stationers Moontree and Sesame Letterpress), the cover and inserts are letterpress printed, and for a bonus, a nifty little spy notebook tumbles out when you open it. (I may have to take up spying, ha ha.)

the nifty spy notebook

I wish I could read a lick of Japanese (I can’t), but the pictures are lovely and more than compensate. One new find from the issue is Letterpress 77: I simply adore their invitation for Tristan’s birthday, pictured below. It’s delightfully sweet.

letterpress 77

tristan's birthday invite (cuteness)

fyi: dezain no hikidashi is published by graphicsha. i bought my copy from uguisu’s online shop (have you seen it? so many tempting japanese items, from stationery to tape to magazines and books). there’s also a graphicsha blog here, although once again, i can’t read any of it.

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    great post! I couldn’t find the magazine on uguisu’s shop…:(