Monthly Archives: July 2010

Japanese Letterpress Magazine

When Rebecca, at  Moontree  Letterpress, posted recently that her work was featured in a magazine, I only had to read Japanese and letterpress to know I would be tracking down a copy for myself that same day. Dezain No Hikidashi 10 features myriad examples of letterpress (including Brooklyn stationers Moontree and Sesame Letterpress), the cover […]

Globus Organic Range

Impressive packaging for the Globus Organic line of products. Love the thick black brush strokes + the simple illustrations. images courtesy of globus (thanks, pascal!)

The New General Store | Summer 2010

The New General Store had its summer event over the weekend. While I couldn’t attend (I’m geographically challenged) I was thrilled to see all of the photos at Facebook. Nothing makes you want something like not being able to have it. Don’t you hope that there will be an online shop at some point for […]

Askinosie Chalk-late Box

Four 85 gram bars of chocolate packed in a customizable gift box. (Simply write your greeting with the provided chalk!) I think we have a winner with the chalk-late box from Askinosie. image courtesy of askinosie

Alessi Tray

Simple, practical + utterly gorgeous. I am longing for this beautiful tray, with adjustable storage space from Alessi. image from