Monthly Archives: January 2011

Week Three: Jessie Davidson

Chicago area interior designer Jessie Davidson is one of my design idols. Her homes exude elegance (and I love her take on color) but even better, they feel like real homes, homes where kids (and dogs) are welcome. Whenever I’m ready to take on a new project at home, I refer back to her online […]

Pre-Fall 2011: Albino

Simple lines and bold colors define Albino’s pre-fall collection. I quite like it, especially the mustardy yellow hat and red tights. See the full show at image credits: photos courtesy of albino for

Week Two: Inkello’s Project Nerd Power

Inevitably, I spend January in full-on self improvement mode, and this year is no different. Perfecting my organization system is a perennial goal: I am constantly jotting lists of blog ideas and plotting out my week on scrap pieces of paper, but would love to have a prettier option. These personalized index cards, from Inkello, […]

Pre-Fall 2011: Jil Sander

Minimal, minimal, minimal with delightful splashes of color. Two things I’d like to point out: one, you notice the person when clothes are simple like this, and two, that yellow handbag is fantastic! (I really need/want a new handbag.) See the full Jil Sander pre-fall collection at image credits: photos courtesy of jil sander for […]

Week One: Rae Dunn

California artist Rae Dunn is perhaps best known for her lovely ceramic range (an elegant minimalist’s delight) and her artful living style, as featured in the latest around Fog Linen. I’ve been following her for years now, finding myself drawn to her approach to simple living and her impeccable eye. My favorite thing about Rae, though, […]