Week Twenty-three: H. Bloom Flowers

As someone who loves pretty flowers but lacks a reliable local florist, H. Bloom‘s flowers-by-subscription is eminently appealing. It’s customizable, too, as you can select frequency of delivery and bouquet style. With floral collections ranging from classic to exotic (and even self-arrange!) you can’t go wrong.

H. Bloom currently serves Chicago, DC, New York, and San Francisco – until my zip code is eligible (and I may have to move to achieve this), I’ll satisfying my flower cravings at H. Bloom’s blog, which includes flower tips and info (including previews of upcoming deliveries), inspiration boards, and video tutorials on flower arranging.

from the h.bloom blog, 5/29

images from hbloom.com

Wondering if you’re in the H.Bloom delivery zone?  Click here to check by zip code.