Flickr Faves: October 2012

The hardest thing for me about November 1, other than the obvious cold weather + darkness, is that Christmas seems simultaneously far away and omnipresent. Thus, it’s time for the making of lists and planning of gifts. And of course, procrastinating.

If you’re inclined to procrastinate, too (please join me!), here are a few of my Flickr favorites from October to draw you into the wonderful rabbit hole that is the internet:

  1. Harvest
  2. happy friday
  3. _DSC0699
  4. Fall
  5. Stonebridge Trail
  6. sticks and snow
  7. Autumn Embers

I’d also like to thank Tristan, the über-talented designer behind Besotted Brand, for featuring me as her Pinterest Curator of the week. As I adore every single thing she designs (and am quite crazy for her shop’s “parcel” offerings), it’s quite an honor. Thank you, Tristan, and hooray for Besotted Brand, Besotted Blog, and Pinterest!