Week One: Another Very Foodie Christmas

Happy 2013! Christmas seems like ages ago (traveling over the holidays will do that), but I wanted to share the foodie gift boxes that I made for my siblings and their families. I’ve happily adopted the tradition of edibles as presents: it’s so much fun selecting and sharing some of my discoveries from favorite shops + travel spots. Hopefully, one or two of my finds will pique your interest, as the idea is adaptable to myriad celebrations.

The contents (2012):

  1. Sideshow by Nicole Plue/Terroir: Chocolate Soil
  2. Book Darts/Tin of Book Darts*
  3. Sweets ALLways/Coconut Marshmallows
  4. Sugar Paper/Note Pad**
  5. Chrisophe Artisan Chocolatier/Chocolate Bar
  6. Beurre & Sel/World Peace Cookies (so very good + worthy of the hype)
  7. Low Country Produce/Pepper Jelly
  8. Sketch Ice Cream/Hot Chocolate Kit
Everything fit easily into Muji’s PP Make Box 1/2 which is practical + reusable, and bonus: no gift wrap!
not food, but great for marking favorite recipes in your cookbooks.
 ** because lists look better on a cheery yellow note pad.

photographs, layout + type by jane potrykus

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  1. Jackie
    January 2, 2013 / Permalink

    So cute! And of course, excellently packaged. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a refreshing break.