Week Six: The Idler Academy

One of the big advantages of moving to London is all of the opportunities that will now be at my doorstep. The Idler Academy, a bookstore/coffeeshop/learning center on Westbourne Park Road, is the latest entry to my “can’t wait to visit” list. Though I doubt I’ll be “idle” at first, that won’t prevent me from taking a class or two, especially if the subject is as enticing “Improving one’s handwriting” or  “Latin for beginners” (both are recent offerings). There’s also an Idler magazine: perfect for those rainy days I keep hearing about.

shop interior

an assortment of Idler’s snail merchandise

images from idler.co.uk/layout and type for snail gallery by jane potrykus

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  1. February 6, 2013 / Permalink

    Oh! So charming. I love that snail tee. xo