Week Twelve: Kjaer Weis

When it comes to makeup, I’m always searching for products that give me a me-but-better “no makeup” look. (As discussed before, I revere the “J.Crew Model” aesthetic.) I recently discovered Kjaer Weis products while shopping at Chicago’s Space 519. Launched in 2010 by Danish makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis, the line is inspired by a tried and true color palette with a focus on healthy skin. Her makeup philosophy is to work with a customer’s features to bring out a “healthy glow” instead of cover + camouflage. The current lineup includes colors for eye, cheek, and lip. All are made from natural ingredients (no silicones) and feel great on your skin. Because Kjaer Weis didn’t want her products to compromise when it came to appearance/design, she hired Marc Atlan to design the refillable metal compacts, which smartly marry design with sustainability. The result is a thoughtful, modern, and stylish approach to natural/organic products.

I had a chance to try a sample of colors from the collection for a spring look. The cream “Blossoming” blush has become my go-to product as it is easy to apply and blend, has a long wear time, and the result is super natural. (I use a foundation blush for application as I find it easier to control the small amount of product I need.) I don’t wear eye shadow much, but “Charmed” instantly won me over: it’s the first eye shadow I’ve ever used that didn’t end the day in creases on my lid! And the lip tint “Romance”, while very bright in the pan (and on first application) quickly melted into my lips, giving them a subtle punch.

There are plans to expand the line: next up includes mascara, foundation, and powder. I look forward to it. Kjaer Weis cosmetics are available in Chicago at Space 519 and also through the Kjaer Weis webstore. (You can also find a retailer close to you at the website.)

photography, layout and type by jane potrykus

products were provided by kjaer weis, at my request, for review