Week Twenty-seven: Souvenirs (Rae Dunn)

rose 31

Moving to London (and the requisite downsizing) has necessitated a total reassessment of our possessions. Some items were donated, many items are going to storage (which I’m well aware, is the equivalent of kicking the can down the road), but there are certain items that I can’t imagine being without. Souvenirs of the States, if you will, and the friendships I’ve made through this blog.

I asked artist extraordinaire Rae Dunn to paint three watercolors this spring- my sole demand was that she include Rose 31, my favorite fragrance. Happily, she agreed. I’ve long admired Rae’s work with clay and her simple pretty illustrations – if you’re not following her blog or Instagram, you should be: Rae has just returned from an artist’s residency in France and I always delight in seeing what she and her sweet dog Wilma are up to. Naturally, I live for the “friday field trip (from the sketchbook).” posts. I chose to frame the art in simple black – it’s wrapped + ready to go and will have a place of honor in our London home.

Thank you, Rae. I will think of you (and Wilma) every time I look at these beautiful paintings.



photos and layout by jane potrykus

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  1. Laura
    July 6, 2013 / Permalink

    Oh my goodness–those are wonderful. Fun to think about what I would have painted…