Week Seventeen: Simple Pretty Picks / April 2014



While there are many, many reasons to buy paper goods, sometimes you need to get back to the basics, and amass an arsenal of supplies that will take you from list-making to desk-organizing to birthday-card-sending without having to run to the store every five minutes. It’s Everyday Stationery with a twist, and here’s what you need:

  1. Muji B5 Spiral bound notebook  first off, I think B5 is the perfect size paper. It’s large enough to hold a decent amount of notes and information, but small enough that said lists don’t become overwhelming. The cover is in a plain dark charcoal/black, which means you can leave it simple, or personalize it with stickers and labels.
  2. Dandelion Paperweight  I think desk accessories are a nice way to make a bit of a statement on a utilitarian desk. Hafod Grange’s line of botanical globe weights are not only substantial (they’ll get the job done) but très elegant. And yes, gorgeous.
  3. Uniball Signo Gel Ink Pen  I cycle through favorite pens with regularity. My current fave, from Uniball, is comfortable to hold, and its slim .38 nib makes my printing a bit more presentable — even, dare I say, artistic. Which of course, I appreciate.
  4. Muji B5 White Lined Notepad with PP Cover at £1.25, Muji does it again. I use these notepads for everything: grocery lists, blog ideas, to-do lists, doodles. They were out of stock for months this winter and I anxiously anticipated their return to the shelves so I could run in and stock up.
  5. Spring Once More Screen-Printed Occasions Card in order for a greeting card to be considered “everyday”, it has to be cool enough to speak to the design-lover in me, yet appeal to a wide range of recipients. I found these Spring Once More typographic cards (available in a range of greetings) last fall at Choosing Keeping, and months later, they are still a favorite.
  6. MT Washi Tape late to the game, I am now a huge proponent of washi tape. Functional but pretty, I used the tape extensively at Christmas: attaching gift tags to presents, adhering school photos to cards, and for everyday, I use it to turn any paper note into an insta-post-it.  I stick to solid colors: pink and grey, to be exact. (suprise!)
  7. Owl Paper Clip every desk needs a paper clip, and while the ubiquitous gem will do the job, why not choose the slightly quirky — yet still functional — option? These attractive Japanese owl-shaped clips will sate your need for design and keep your tear sheets perfectly organized.

layout and type by jane potrykus. image credits: 1. muji.com 2. matomeno.in 3. jetpens.com 4. muji.com 5. springoncemore.com 6. cutetape.com 7. lion-jimiuki.co.jp

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  1. April 28, 2014 / Permalink

    I’ve been wanting a new notepad for my purse (I love handwriting lists) and I’m sick of the Moleskines I’ve been using for years. I should have known you’d have good picks for me!