49 Hours in NYC: The Stationery Show, Part 2

NSS 2015 // 417 press | simple pretty

417 press

Even though the bulk of my time at the Stationery Show is pre-plotted and painstakingly researched (because I am a details person: you may call it OCD), it’s inevitable that I’ll stumble across a serendipitous find. or two. or three. Part two of my recap features my favorite “finds” from the aisles of Javits.

I first took note of 417 Press (photo at top) while perusing the press room: the press kit, with simple type on a white envelope, jumped out at me from the shelves, and I snapped a quick photo to remind me of the booth number. Canadian designer Michelle Secondi noticed a lack of simple letterpress options in her hometown of Montreal and took action. The line of greeting cards features simple typography accented by bright fluorescent inks, and I loved it. An Etsy shop is launching shortly.

laura stoddart for hester and cook // NSS 2015 | simple pretty

laura stoddart for hester and cook

As someone who is a bit obsessive about British artist Laura Stoddart, I was thrilled to see new products featuring her whimsical watercolor style at Hester & Cook. A new illustration, ‘Butler’s Pantry’, will be featured on placemats and coasters as well as journals and gift wrap. Here’s hoping this is the first of many new pieces from Ms. Stoddart.

line posters // NSS 2015 | simple pretty


Loved LinePosters translation of metropolitan transit systems into graphic prints + letterpress cards, even though I remain skeptical of the Los Angeles version. Clever execution.

ditto ditto 'somewhere in time' // NSS 2015 | simple pretty

ditto ditto ‘somewhere in time’

As someone who is becoming buried by souvenir ephemera (because I have this grand plan of documenting our time in London yet never get around to doing it), I was happy to discover Ditto Ditto‘s new ‘Somewhere in Time’ collection. The line of folders, organizers, and pockets is designed to make organizing and displaying memories easy and pretty.

margins imprint // NSS 2015 | simple pretty

‘la luna’ letterpress cards: margins imprint

Margins Imprint caught my eye with its understated aesthetic. The La Luna letterpress cards, available in blind deboss and gray (and also as prints), appealed to my love of all things celestial. Also a favorite? Margins’ gorgeous Om Seed Sound prints.

sleigh wrap: miks letterpress+ // NSS 2015 | simple pretty

sleigh wrap: miks letterpress +

I’m always on the hunt for Christmas gift wrap. DC-based Miks Letterpress+  introduced a line of blueprint/architect-esque wrap in holiday motifs, including Santa’s sleigh, jingle bells, and dreidels. So good and would be great juxtaposed with an over-the-top big ribbon, or accented with simple cotton tape à la Angela Liguori.

mr boddington gift wrap // NSS 2015 | simple pretty

mr boddington gift wrap

Finally, I always enjoy the undercurrent of wit at Mr. Boddington’s Studio. New this year is a gift wrap featuring a vibrant array of color swatches. It’s best enjoyed up close so you can read all of the delightfully-named hues: some of the options for grey include ‘5th Avenue Pigeon’, ‘Arc de Triomphe’, or ‘Beijing Smog’. And of course, there’s a ‘Peonies’ pink. I might have to frame a sheet.

all photos by jane potrykus

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  1. Alia
    May 23, 2015 / Permalink

    Ooh, I need that Somewhere in Time collection too!! Keep us posted if you get it! Thanks for the stationery roundup.