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Week Five: Cambridge IMPRINT

By the time late January/early February rolls around, I’m ready for an infusion of bright color to reassure me that spring is on the way.  Cambridge IMPRINT, a creative collaboration between painter Claerwen James, textile artist Jane Powell, and ceramicist Ali Murphy, turns out a delightful array of colorful, graphically patterned mugs, paper, cards (+ more)  that will […]

Week Three: “by | n” Stationery from Nendo

Is there anything better than well-considered, gorgeous stationery? Not in my world. Tokyo/Milan design firm Nendo‘s new line of office supplies for its “by | n” line is strikingly simple and perfect in every way. One of everything, please. (See more at Design Boom and Wallpaper online.) image credits: photos by akihiro yoshida, courtesy of […]

Week Fifty-one: Chisato Tamabayashi

London artist Chisato Tamabayashi was another of my serendipitous discoveries at November’s Small Publishers Fair. I instantly fell for her pop-up books, which combine graphic, minimalist linen covers with intricately detailed works of cut-out paper art inside. Chisato was kind enough to show me a few books from her collection, including “Plunge” with its enchanting […]

Week Forty-nine: Coracle Press

I happened across Ireland’s Coracle Press while attending the recent London Small Publishers Fair, and instantly fell in love with the sublime, minimalist artwork of co-director Erica Van Horn. Van Horn’s line drawings are spare but enchanting: it’s the sort of work that draws you in, quiets the soul, and encourages introspection. Founded by Van Horn […]

Week Forty-seven: Simple Pretty Picks / November 2013

My November favorites could double as a holiday gift guide, assuming you live by the “one for you; one for me” rule like I do: Virginia Johnson crewneck intarsia sweater swan: I love the graphic feel of this oversized swan. Bonus points that it’s knitted in a cozy grey cashmere/merino blend.  The style reminds me […]