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Week Twenty-two: A Simplepretty Guide to Notting Hill

Our London adventure started last July when the taxi deposited us in front of our new home in Notting Hill just off of Ladbroke Grove. That very afternoon, we parked the suitcases in the foyer and started to explore our new neighborhood. Sadly, in just over a month, our stay in this area will come […]

Week Twenty-one: London Tea Club

Confession: I am a coffee drinker and a coffee lover. But since moving to London, I’ve heard over and over how it was only a matter of time until I discovered the joys of tea and made the switch. Though I’m not ready to give up my morning au laits anytime soon, London Tea Club […]

Week Eighteen: Two Fantastic French-inspired Cookbooks You Need Now

I like cookbooks that inspire me visually — sort of an elegant melding of a coffee-table book and cookbook. These two new-releases fit that mold and are quite simply, perfection. Buvette: The Pleasure of Good Food (Grand Central Publishing, $30) Buvette is the restaurant I visit without fail whenever I’m in New York. The space […]

Week Eleven: Simple Pretty Fitness

Fitness for me is not a case of “Look better by bikini season!” or “Drop 5 pounds over the weekend!” — you know, the typical magazine come ons. It’s also not the New Year’s Resolution of Radical Transformation. (Which is why I’m posting this in March instead of January.)  Rather, my goal is to be […]

Paris Fall 2014: Céline

Come for the handbags (seriously: how does Phoebe Philo and her team constantly come up with the most unique/intriguing/covetable designs?) + stay for the utilitarian luxe urban wear. Save the crazy primary-colored summer collection, I am obsessed with all things Céline. See all of the fall collection photos at image credits: monica feudi/ photos […]