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Photo Faves: March 2014

Happy April! We spent the weekend in Paris, drinking in the beauty, and the flowers, and the food. (Can’t wait to go back — this was our first visit since moving to London and it needs to become a regular “thing”.) If you’re in need of a jolt of pretty to start off spring on […]

Photo Faves: February 2014

Finally, it’s March, and I suspect some of you are more than ready to put an end to winter. For me, moving to London was a welcome change in weather patterns. (And yes, I got carried away this year with photos of flowers and green, much to the consternation of those trapped in the Polar […]

Photo Faves: January 2014

February: the month where I start to look for signs of spring anywhere and everywhere. It’s a bit more challenging this year, as I’m not sure what typical weather is for London. Good practice for living in the moment; terrible for control freaks who just want to know what to expect and to assign grades […]

Week Two: La Paperie & Print Shop

Glorious minimalist travel photography from Kaitlin Rebesco has me dreaming about places to visit this year, and reminiscing about favorite spots. Prints are available in a range of sizes at La Paperie & Print Shop. images courtesy of kaitlin rebesco

Photo Faves: December 2013

Only two days into the new year, and I’m already having to move “accept things as they are” to the top of my things-to-work-on list. I’m ready to go home to London; we’re stuck in San Francisco at the moment and there seems to be miles to go before I can relax. Making use of […]