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Photo Faves: November 2013

Thanksgiving weekend is winding down and Christmas is staring me in the face. Spent the holiday weekend at a couple of Christmas fairs, sipping mulled wine (a most wonderful tradition, if you ask me — I’m coöpting it immediately) and perusing the wares. Next on my to-do list is figuring out 1. what I’m buying […]

Photo Faves: October 2013

There’s something about November 1 that thrusts me into a contemplative/dark mindset. I’m sure it’s partly due to the literal darkness of the dwindling light – which is much more noticeable in London. When 4:00 rolls around these days, it feels like bedtime should be near. Not good! – and partly because Christmas no longer […]

Photo Faves: September 2013

September was a spectacular weather month in London, bookended by visits to the Kew Gardens on the 1st and Regent’s Park on the 29th. I’m hoping for an equally pleasant October. (Fingers crossed.) To welcome in the new month, have a look at a smattering of my favorite photos from Instagram and Flickr in September: Harvest  Moon […]

Photo Faves: August 2013

Well, it’s happened. Flickr’s redesign, while heralded by many, has caused me to use it less and less as a social outlet as I find the new “contacts” page of photos too cluttered. To cope, I’ve transitioned to using Flickr as a photo diary and will continue to post one photo a day (it’s a […]

Flickr Faves: July 2013

August is here, and I feel like July flew by. (Starting it on one continent and ending it on another may have had something to do with it.) Next week brings the first orientation meeting at my buddy’s school, as well as my first UK visitor! Soon after that, we’ll be settling into a routine […]