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Photo Faves: April 2014

As improbable as it seems for May to be here, I’m equally excited for summer (whatever summer in England means) as well as freaked out by the fact that we’re moving house in just over two months. After living in one place for almost 14 years, to be packing up after one year is a […]

Week Eighteen: Two Fantastic French-inspired Cookbooks You Need Now

I like cookbooks that inspire me visually — sort of an elegant melding of a coffee-table book and cookbook. These two new-releases fit that mold and are quite simply, perfection. Buvette: The Pleasure of Good Food (Grand Central Publishing, $30) Buvette is the restaurant I visit without fail whenever I’m in New York. The space […]

Photo Faves: March 2014

Happy April! We spent the weekend in Paris, drinking in the beauty, and the flowers, and the food. (Can’t wait to go back — this was our first visit since moving to London and it needs to become a regular “thing”.) If you’re in need of a jolt of pretty to start off spring on […]

Photo Faves: February 2014

Finally, it’s March, and I suspect some of you are more than ready to put an end to winter. For me, moving to London was a welcome change in weather patterns. (And yes, I got carried away this year with photos of flowers and green, much to the consternation of those trapped in the Polar […]

Photo Faves: January 2014

February: the month where I start to look for signs of spring anywhere and everywhere. It’s a bit more challenging this year, as I’m not sure what typical weather is for London. Good practice for living in the moment; terrible for control freaks who just want to know what to expect and to assign grades […]