Week Forty-two: Laura Stoddart Prints + More!

magnolia man

As a long-time fan of Laura Stoddart‘s elegant yet quirky illustration style, I’m thrilled that she is now offering a range of limited-edition giclée prints in two sizes: the smaller print measures 14.5×19 cm, and the larger option is 19×28 cm. I’ve always thought her artwork was meant to be framed and dipslayed, yet could never bring myself to cut up one of her books to do so.

storm in a tea cup

keeping cool

Plus, happy news for Laura Stoddart fans in the States! Hester & Cook is about to launch a line of Laura Stoddart Kitchen Papers with a chair theme including notecards, gift wrap, place cards, and coasters (and more).  A sneak peek is pictured below, but keep checking the Hester & Cook website** as they’ll be available shortly.

notecards (l) and gift wrap (r)

images of prints courtesy of laura stoddart. hester & cook diptych images courtesy of hester & cook.

** hester & cook will ship internationally: if interested, please email sales(at)hesterandcook.com for a quote.

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Week Forty-one: Simple Pretty Picks / October 2013

A few October discoveries that became instant favorites:

  1. Ruler Diary: 2013 is still going strong, but Present & Correct got me to commit to a 2014 planner with this brilliant specimen. Love the utilitarian ruler cover, plus the inside is laid out perfectly for my daily note jotting + memory saving.
  2. Le Labo/Gaiac 10: Le Labo’s city exclusives are available worldwide until the 15th, and then the vault closes for a spell. Gaiac 10, Tokyo’s city scent, is a subtle woody musk that rounds out my Musc 25 and Rose 31 Le Labo arsenal. (Le Labo is all I wear, fragrance-wise.)
  3. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine/”Rebelle”: I am powerless when I come across a good red lipstick and Rebelle is a subtle, sheer, and natural red with plenty of shine. Sold.**
  4. Organic by John Patrick long-sleeve shirttail/”putty”: simply put, the best tees. Lightweight, but with great shape and perfect-for-Jane colors. I wear them to death + should buy in bulk. (I hope they add pink or slate blue for spring.)
  5. Rococo Chocolates/Organic Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Wafers: sure, the box is gorgeous, but the chocolate inside is even better. Sweet + salty goodness, and the wafer size makes it an (almost) guilt-free daily treat.

image credits: 1. presentandcorrect.com 2.sparklymatters.wordpress.com 3. chanel.com 4. millmercantile.com 5. jane potrykus // layout and type by jane potrykus

** i realize that this is the second month in a row i’ve recommended a sheer, red lipstick. trust me, this one is worth the repetition.

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Paris Spring 2014: Gauchère

look 11

New-to-me Paris line Gauchère showed a spring collection that is perfectly utilitarian luxe. Designer Marie-Christine Statz’s designs have considered texture and detail (see the weaved bodice in look 11), yet maintain an overall clean aesthetic. See the complete collection at WWD* (where I discovered it) or at Gauchère Paris. One to watch.

look 14

look 2

image credits: photos courtesy of gauchère for wwd.com

subscription may be required to view the slideshow

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Week Forty: Moontree Letterpress

moontree arboretum collection

Moontree Letterpress designer/printer Rebecca Kutys consistently turns out simple yet impeccable letterpress work from her studio in Bucks County, PA. The details in Rebecca’s designs shine thanks to all of the white space. As an avid follower of the Moontree Letterpress blog (and Twitter, and Instagram: I’ve gone “all in”), my personal favorite is the Arborteum Collection and its exploration of leaf shapes and patterns; even more so now that it’s fall. Hoarder me would (not so) secretly like a drawer full of leafy Moontree Lettepress gift tags to use on everything. Am keeping an eye on the Moontree Letterpress Etsy shop, just in case.

moontree typography collection / vintage subway

moontree typography collection / big day

arboretum collection / leafy tags

images by jane potrykus (thanks to rebecca kutys for providing samples for photography)

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Photo Faves: September 2013

September was a spectacular weather month in London, bookended by visits to the Kew Gardens on the 1st and Regent’s Park on the 29th. I’m hoping for an equally pleasant October. (Fingers crossed.)

To welcome in the new month, have a look at a smattering of my favorite photos from Instagram and Flickr in September:

  1. Harvest  Moon Setting
  2. always good to see my hometown ….
  3. Moon illusion
  4. Untitled
  5. Looking up from my favourite bench
  6. Tresco today…
  7. A walk in the late summer garden
  8. Back in my Norwegian fjord island ….
  9. I wanted a sidewalk espresso ….
  10. Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them. David Hume

image at top taken september 29 / jane potrykus

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