Resort 2016: Brock Collection

brock resort 2016, look 3 | simple pretty

look 3

Brock Collection cemented its utilitarian luxe® bona fides with a resort collection filled with covetable items. Elegant coats in blush and black, a cozy textured sweater in cream, and jeans inspired by Carolyn Bessette. Yes to it all, please. See the complete presentation at

brock resort 2016, look 4 | simple pretty

look 4

brock resort 2016, look 6 | simple pretty

look 6

brock collection courtesy photos by peter goldman for

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49 Hours in NYC: Exploring, Part Two

the fat radish: exploring NYC | simple pretty

the fat radish

Part Two of my #exploring post covers unfamiliar territory: while many of these locations have been on my radar for some time, each stop in this list was my first. Since that first is likely the first of many, let’s call these “the new regulars”.

The Fat Radish Tuesday morning was all about exploring the Lower East Side, a part of NYC I’ve never been to due to extreme laziness on my part. (One December we almost made it but it was cold, and snowing (!), and I abandoned the plan before we even crossed The Bowery. Note to lazy Jane: it wasn’t that far!) The Fat Radish was full of charm, just like I’d imagined it, and the staff was incredibly indulgent of my enthusiasm for taking photos. My timing was off for a meal, but I think next time I’ll plan ahead because the brunch menu looks perfect. n.b. brunch appears to be cash only — plan ahead (The Fat Radish / 17 Orchard Street / @thefatradish)

top hat: exploring NYC | simple pretty

top hat

Top Hat The retail arm of Sweet Bella, which happens to be one of my favorite Stationery Show vendors, Top Hat is an exquisitely curated shop, filled with the best international stationery as well as an assortment of found objects collected during owner Nina Allen’s travels. Brands include Delfonics, Hay, and Antica Cartotecnica, as well as the cutest staplers around, from Ellepi. Also, I don’t know how I missed these fun keychains: I want the giraffe! Finally, a quick shout-out to Evan: it was so nice to meet you! (Top Hat / 245 Broome Street / @tophatnyc)

c w pencil: exploring NYC | simple pretty

c w pencil

C W Pencil Enterprise If the crowded conditions during my visit are any indication, I’d say that Caroline Weaver has a hit on her hands with her darling shop devoted to pencils (and complementary writing accoutrements). The small but cheery space cleverly displays a wide variety of pencils for your perusal. If you time your visit well, you can pop downstairs for a fried chicken and champagne dinner at Sarah Simmons’ new restaurant, Birds & Bubbles. (C W Pencil Enterprise / 100a Forsyth Street / @cwpencilenterprise)

freemans: exploring NYC | simple pretty


Freeman’s No doubt, you’ve seen an iteration of this photo before, as this shot of Freeman’s alley is de rigeur on Instagram. Sufficiently intrigued, I took a quick scan of their online menu and decide to go for lunch on my last day in the city. Nestled in a corner table, I enjoyed a glass of champagne (decadent, but fun!) and a spicy turkey sandwich with sides of fries and people watching. (Freeman’s Restaurant / End of Freeman Alley – off of Rivington b/w The Bowery and Chrystie / @freemansalley)

a b biagi gelato: exploring NYC | simple pretty

a b biagi

A B Biagi Post-lunch, I stopped for a mini gelato at Brazilian cafe/gelateria A B Biagi. It was my Best Decision of the Trip. When I couldn’t decide between stracciatella and strawberry sorbet, the staff sweetly informed me to get both! and I did. And it was delicious. (A B Biagi / 235 Elizabeth Street / @abbiagi)

miansai tea bar: exploring NYC | simple pretty

miansai tea bar

Miansai Tea Bar Despite my well-documented reluctance to become a “proper” drinker of tea, I do have a weakness for a well-designed space, and Miansai, known for its minimalist, made-in-America watches and jewelry, has a fetching tea shop up front. And since it’s the US, there is the possibility for iced tea, which changes everything in my book. (Miansai / 33 Crosby Street / @miansai)

haven's kitchen: exploring NYC | simple pretty

haven’s kitchen

Haven’s Kitchen I have been obsessed with Haven’s Kitchen since it opened in 2012. The space, which has which has a cafe as well as space for cooking classes and events, is designed right up my alley. (Seeing owner Ali Cayne’s house featured in Domino magazine further cemented my devotion.) My procrastination in visiting came to an end on this trip. As the weather was perfect for a walk (very London-like), and I was itching for morning errands due to jet lag, I headed over for breakfast on Monday en route to the show. No surprise, I LOVED it: the space is clean and bright, yet feels cozy, with a gigantic (and gorgeous) flower arrangement on the front table which beckoned me inside. I ordered a rhubarb muffin and a café au lait, and had a leisurely flip through some of the cookbooks and magazines while I savored my breakfast. It was the perfect start to a Monday. (Haven’s Kitchen / 109 W. 17th Street / @havenskitchen)

all photos by jane potrykus

note: “@” addresses denote instagram handles

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49 Hours in NYC: Exploring, Part One

tartinery: exploring NYC | simple pretty


The next best thing to catching up with friends at the Stationery Show is being able to wander NYC. My base camp (as usual) was the Crosby Street Hotel: the location (and hospitality) can’t be beat. Here are a few of my favorites, broken into two parts, if you’re headed to NYC to “explore”.

Tartinery (photo at top) I arrived at the Crosby on Sunday at 2pm, a (literal) hot mess as the 86-and-humid weather mixed with my jet lag, but I was determined to stay up and watch the Mad Men series finale “live”. So, I quickly checked in and then hit the streets to catch as much daylight as possible to adjust to EDT. Around 6pm, I was ready for a light dinner but didn’t want to resort to takeout. I’d been to Tartinery right after it opened in 2010 + remembered that the menu would suit me perfectly. A glass of champagne and a croque monsieur tartine was just what I needed to keep me going ’til 11pm, and the interiors were as charming as ever. (Tartinery / 209 Mulberry Street / @tartinery)

tokyo bike: exploring NYC | simple pretty

tokyo bike

Tokyo Bike I am on the hunt for the perfect ‘kicking around’ bike, and I keep coming back to Tokyo Bike’s beautifully simple ‘Bisou’ model. The only questions are: 1. which color? and 2. will I be brave enough to ride the streets of London on it? (Tokyo Bike / 1 Prince Street / @tokyobike_nyc)

antique garage: exploring NYC | simple pretty

antique garage

Antique Garage I spent a lot of time in New York walking up and down the grid of SoHo streets: Antique Garage charmed me each time I passed. There was always a gorgeous arrangement of flowers out front, and the clientele seemed to be having a wonderful time sitting, relaxing, and enjoying the weather. Next visit brunch and I have a date here. (Antique Garage / 41 Mercer Street / @antiquegaragesoho)

back forty west: exploring NYC | simple pretty

back forty west

Back Forty West Speaking of charming, Back Forty West is right up the street from the Crosby, and that wall of plates has me completely besotted!! I took at least five photos of the wall (from outside), trying to get the perfect shot each time I passed by. Another “next time” spot. (Back Forty West / 70 Prince Street / @backfortywest)

buvette: exploring NYC | simple pretty


Buvette I had grand, adult plans for dining this trip that did not include Buvette. (I go every time I’m in town and the thought was to spread the love and see more of NYC and all that nonsense.) But then I walked by and the seat in the front window was open and that plan went right out the window. One French 75 + a croque monsieur later (are you sensing a trend?), I was in heaven. I’m still kicking myself for thinking I was too full to order the chocolate mousse. Do NOT repeat my mistake. ( Buvette / 42 Grove Street / @buvettenyc)

meg cohen design: exploring NYC | simple pretty

meg cohen design

Meg Cohen Design I happened upon Meg Cohen Design by accident, as I spotted this book about cricket in the window and was sufficiently intrigued to go inside. My curiosity paid off: it was the perfect little shop. Meg Cohen is known for her cashmere hats and scarves, but the boutique boasts a wide array of gift options, from vintage books and Bakelite pool balls (and mini penguin figurines) to the sweetest embroidered baby hats (above). I picked up a surprise to give my buddy at high school graduation: I hope I can remember where I’ve hidden it next June! (Meg Cohen Design Shop / 59 Thompson Street / @megcohendesign)

milk: exploring NYC | simple pretty


Milk Bar Another serendipitous find: I’ve never been to Milk Bar, but am well aware of its cult status ‘cereal milk’ soft serve, crack pie ®, and compost cookies. And then there it was, calling to me from across Wooster Street, begging me to indulge. As my sweet tooth brakes for cookies, I chose the cornflake/marshmallow/chocolate-chip cookie, and let’s just say, an addiction is born: they ship internationally and I think a care package may be in order. (Milk Bar Soho / 72 Wooster Street / @milkbarstore)

all photos by jane potrykus

note: “@” addresses denote instagram handles

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49 Hours in NYC: The Stationery Show, Part 2

NSS 2015 // 417 press | simple pretty

417 press

Even though the bulk of my time at the Stationery Show is pre-plotted and painstakingly researched (because I am a details person: you may call it OCD), it’s inevitable that I’ll stumble across a serendipitous find. or two. or three. Part two of my recap features my favorite “finds” from the aisles of Javits.

I first took note of 417 Press (photo at top) while perusing the press room: the press kit, with simple type on a white envelope, jumped out at me from the shelves, and I snapped a quick photo to remind me of the booth number. Canadian designer Michelle Secondi noticed a lack of simple letterpress options in her hometown of Montreal and took action. The line of greeting cards features simple typography accented by bright fluorescent inks, and I loved it. An Etsy shop is launching shortly.

laura stoddart for hester and cook // NSS 2015 | simple pretty

laura stoddart for hester and cook

As someone who is a bit obsessive about British artist Laura Stoddart, I was thrilled to see new products featuring her whimsical watercolor style at Hester & Cook. A new illustration, ‘Butler’s Pantry’, will be featured on placemats and coasters as well as journals and gift wrap. Here’s hoping this is the first of many new pieces from Ms. Stoddart.

line posters // NSS 2015 | simple pretty


Loved LinePosters translation of metropolitan transit systems into graphic prints + letterpress cards, even though I remain skeptical of the Los Angeles version. Clever execution.

ditto ditto 'somewhere in time' // NSS 2015 | simple pretty

ditto ditto ‘somewhere in time’

As someone who is becoming buried by souvenir ephemera (because I have this grand plan of documenting our time in London yet never get around to doing it), I was happy to discover Ditto Ditto‘s new ‘Somewhere in Time’ collection. The line of folders, organizers, and pockets is designed to make organizing and displaying memories easy and pretty.

margins imprint // NSS 2015 | simple pretty

‘la luna’ letterpress cards: margins imprint

Margins Imprint caught my eye with its understated aesthetic. The La Luna letterpress cards, available in blind deboss and gray (and also as prints), appealed to my love of all things celestial. Also a favorite? Margins’ gorgeous Om Seed Sound prints.

sleigh wrap: miks letterpress+ // NSS 2015 | simple pretty

sleigh wrap: miks letterpress +

I’m always on the hunt for Christmas gift wrap. DC-based Miks Letterpress+  introduced a line of blueprint/architect-esque wrap in holiday motifs, including Santa’s sleigh, jingle bells, and dreidels. So good and would be great juxtaposed with an over-the-top big ribbon, or accented with simple cotton tape à la Angela Liguori.

mr boddington gift wrap // NSS 2015 | simple pretty

mr boddington gift wrap

Finally, I always enjoy the undercurrent of wit at Mr. Boddington’s Studio. New this year is a gift wrap featuring a vibrant array of color swatches. It’s best enjoyed up close so you can read all of the delightfully-named hues: some of the options for grey include ‘5th Avenue Pigeon’, ‘Arc de Triomphe’, or ‘Beijing Smog’. And of course, there’s a ‘Peonies’ pink. I might have to frame a sheet.

all photos by jane potrykus

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49 Hours in NYC: The Stationery Show, Part One

NSS 2015 // felix doolittle | simple pretty

felix doolittle

I’m back from my whirlwind trip Across The Pond for the National Stationery Show. What may seem a bit crazy to many of you (only 49 hours in the city?) actually was very efficient, as many of my friends from across the country were in town for the show. (I would be remiss at this point if I didn’t quickly say thank you to the lovely team at Paperless Post for hosting a fabulous party Monday night, which allowed me to catch up with some of my dearest paper friends without the guilt of pulling them away from order taking.)

To give you a taste of the show, I’ve broken down my visit into two posts. The first covers “friends”, and the second (coming up shortly) will feature my “finds”. Enjoy!

A stop at Felix Doolittle‘s booth (photo at top) never fails to bring a smile to my face. Loren and Felix could be two of the kindest people on the planet, and that spirit carries through to their designs and customer service. I’ve long admired Felix Fu’s gift for illustration and watercolor, and so I’m thrilled that they’re slowly adding larger prints of his work to frame and display. (And I must say, it was a special treat to spend time with them at the Paperless Post party: Loren knows how to work a party photo!)

NSS 2015 // sugar paper | simple pretty

sugar paper

Infectious enthusiasm permeated Sugar Paper‘s booth. This year, it was all about black and white with a splash of gold, meticulously edited, of course. I’m loving the new collaboration with Jennifer Vallez: her peppy illustrations are featured on a line of notecards and framable prints (shown above). And I’m coveting Sugar Paper’s brand-new line of luxe desk accessories, especially the snail letter opener — swoon. (New additions should be online soon!)

NSS 2015 // the social type | simple pretty

the social type

Another must-see booth was The Social Type. Not only for the brand’s bright + cheery line of greeting cards, but also to meet the newest member of The Social Type family: Allison’s daughter, Pia. (Allison, call me if you’re in London and need a babysitter!)

NSS 2015 // iron curtain press | simple pretty

iron curtain press

There’s definitely a California theme running through this post: Iron Curtain Press does such brilliant minimal letterpress work (designer Rosanna Kvernmo remembered my obsession with this simple pretty thank you set). New this year is Shorthand, a soon-to-launch line of notebooks, notepads, and desk supplies (including “yay” washi tape! oh how I want that washi tape). A nice detail: the notebooks have rounded corners, which is an important feature to prevent visible wear-and-tear during use.

NSS 2015 // ink meets paper | simple pretty

ink meets paper

New this year from Charleston, SC letterpress studio Ink Meets Paper was Gatherings, a line of boxed fill-in invitations that are ready to send whether your party is for 2 or 12. (Having letterpress printed envelope liners is a nice touch.) Keep a box of these in your stationery arsenal to lend last-minute get-togethers a bit of affordable style.

NSS 2015 // studio carta | simple pretty

studio carta

Last stop on my “friends” tour was Angela Liguori’s Studio Carta. Angela always partners for the show with Albertine Press, and it was so civilized to take a few minutes to share an espresso-and-chat with Angela and Shelley at their booth And if you’re looking for the utmost in beautiful cotton ribbons, Studio Carta has you covered.

all photos by jane potrykus

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