Photo Favorites: March 2015

palais royal, march 2015 | simple pretty

palais royal, paris

Is there anything better than a few days in Paris? Not to me, there isn’t. I still pinch myself every time I board the Eurostar. And I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface, so a few return trips are in order before we end our expat experience. I’ll be sharing a slew of photos at Instagram, doling them out so you’re not overwhelmed.

But Instagram is not only for sharing the internet’s collective love for Paris. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the past month:

  1. such a nice day.
  2. Early morning at @artinstitutechi.
  3. We’re now stocking the most beautiful Burford Blue eggs …
  4. wool colors, tags and line sheets
  5. Sun is out! Happy weekend.
  6. from further away. …
  7. tough decisions.
  8. We sent some of our notebook prototypes out …*
  9. Who knew you could be allergic to hyacinths? …
  10. As you can see by today’s playlist, …
  11. thank you NEW YORK TIMES …
  12. So it’s three weeks …
  13. Lovely breakfast at Brick House Bakery …
  14. my latest obsession
  15. A rustic trio …
  16. A touch of formality …
  17. When we were at the flower market, …
  18. The days have felt like summer …
  19. untitled
  20. One day in Amsterdam…
  21. It is only the farmer who …

so excited for the successful Kickstarter launch of Appointed, Suann Song’s beautifully designed collection of notebooks + supplies.

photo at top by jane potrykus

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Felix Doolittle for Paperless Post

felix doolittle for paperless post, 'spring duckling' | simple pretty

spring duckling

I’m such a fan of Paperless Post, and the company’s endeavors to lend online design of cards and invitations a touch of elegance. Using the site is easy and fun, whether you choose click-and-send or flat print. Not to mention, their roster of designers is top-notch. I’m so pleased to announce that one of my favorite stationery talents in the analog world, Felix Doolittle, has joined the Paperless Post “digital” family. I think Felix Fu’s watercolor illustrations work wonderfully online (notice the lovely detail of ombré watercolor for the envelope liners). Have a look at the new collection, launched just in time for UK Mothering Sunday (which I’ve just learned is halfway through Lent, and that means Easter is just around the corner!), and congrats to Felix, Loren, and the Paperless Post team.

felix doolittle for paperless post, 'peony bouquet' | simple pretty

peony bouquet

felix doolittle for paperless post, 'country barn' | simple pretty

country barn

felix doolittle for paperless post, 'paint samples'  simple pretty

paint samples

images courtesy of felix doolittle

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Fall 2015: Theory

theory fall 2015, look 9 | simple pretty

look 9

Theory’s presentation for fall is a parade of utilitarian luxe® goodness. A refined cape (with a patrician pose to boot), a bit of fur, and what can I say: look 13 is so very clean, it’s perfect. See the complete collection at

theory fall 2015, look 11 | simple pretty

look 11

theory fall 2015, look 13 | simple pretty

look 13

theory courtesy photos for

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Paris Fall 2015: Nina Ricci

nina ricci fall 2015, look 4 | simple pretty

look 4

Guillaume Henry’s début at Nina Ricci was filled with quietly elegant looks: just the sort of thing my sartorial dreams are made of. Don’t miss the full collection at

nina ricci fall 2015, look 17 | simple pretty

look 17

nina ricci fall 2015, look 23 | simple pretty

look 23

nina ricci fall 2015, look 27 | simple pretty

look 27

image credits: yannis vlamos / photos for

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Wilma’s World: The Book

wilma's world | simple pretty

Wilma, a nine-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, really knows how to live. She enjoys a good meal, likes to sleep in, and makes friends wherever she goes. (Moreover, she has a great sense of humor about it all!) Charmingly photographed by her friend/mother/owner, artist Rae Dunn, Wilma shares her insights daily at Instagram, and I’ve become a huge fan: her advice never fails to put a smile on my face.

Lucky for us, Chronicle Books** saw a book in Wilma’s musings, and today marks the launch of Wilma’s World: Good Advice From a Good Dog. It’s simply but beautifully designed, and captures some of my favorite Wilma moments, making it the perfect keepsake for fans, and a wonderful introduction for those who have yet to meet Wonderful Wilma. (Speaking of which, my dog-obsessed family should check their front porches soon for an delivery.) Treat yourself, and keep up with Wilma’s wisdom (and antics) via Instagram and Facebook.

wilma's world: treat and enjoy | simple pretty

treat yourself and enjoy every last bit

wilma's world: opposites attract | simple pretty

opposites attract

wilma's world: admit when you are wrong | simple pretty

admit when you are wrong

wilma's world: nytimes shoot | simple pretty

an outtake from wilma’s (hopefully) upcoming nytimes feature! stay tuned!*

* photos by rae dunn, all other photos by jane potrykus

please note: Wilma and Rae sent/gifted me an advance copy of Wilma’s World. No promise of editorial coverage was given.

** p.s. Chronicle, if you’re listening, may I request that your next book be about Rae Dunn’s sublime watercolors? I’m sure that Wilma would approve.

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