Paris Spring 2016: The Row

the row spring 2016, look 5 | simple pretty

look 5

Presented to a select group of clients at a château outside Paris, The Row’s spring show played to its strengths in setting and content. Über elegant, with something for everyone: fitted to flowy, short to long. And more mules for Jane! Sigh. See the complete presentation, and transport yourself to The Row’s serene garden for a few minutes, at

the row spring 2016, look 4 | simple pretty

look 4

the row spring 2016, look 17 | simple pretty

look 17

the row spring 2016, look 20 | simple pretty

look 20

the row courtesy photos for

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Tricia Foley Life|Style


“Tastemaker” and “Curator” are titles that can quickly lose meaning in today’s “everyone’s an expert” world, but there is no doubting designer Tricia Foley‘s credentials as a lifestyle authority. She’s written numerous books, consulted for Ralph Lauren Home and Wedgwood, and has a decorating aesthetic well known for interiors that are soothing and elegant, yet livable.

Foley’s latest book, Life|Style (Rizzoli, $45), details the process of finding and renovating her current home in Yaphank, Long Island. As someone who spends an inordinate amount of time thinking and dreaming about her next house (living in a £££ London rental, while necessary, is not sustainable) I appreciated the book’s practical approach: along with the multitude of beautiful photos there are lists of favorite paint colors and fabrics, tips on elegantly storing a life’s worth of stuff (editing is your friend), as well as a section dedicated to Foley’s relaxed approach to entertaining, recipes included.

It doesn’t hurt that in my dreams, I see myself living at a house very much like Foley’s—facing Main Street, with a boathouse at the rear on a river—the best of both worlds. I absolutely love her style and was elated when she agreed to answer a few questions I had about collecting, inspiration, and living à la Tricia after reading her book


tricia foley life/style glassware cabinet | simple pretty

foley’s cabinet of glassware, full of favorites accumulated over a lifetime*

Your style is clean but not austere: I get the sense that you truly live with what you love. Are you a ruthless editor, or a careful collector? Do you buy and then cull as needed? or are you really particular about what you buy?

I only buy what I love and want to have around me, so I am both a ruthless editor and careful collector.  I also have a group of girlfriends who are also de-accessioning and we have yard sales periodically to purge, which is fun to do as a group ( But then we sometimes buy each other’s things !) I don’t like to throw things away, but pass along to family members,  give antiques to the local historical society, etc. 

tricia foley life|style plate collection | simple pretty

an elegant way to display china in a small space*

Like you, I collect china and books, and both can quickly overwhelm a smaller space. Any tips for the collector who doesn’t have a wall of built-in shelving? (Which I love, and will have in my next house, but as a renter, I feel like everything is stored in boxes and behind doors.)

I think grouping collections together in a mass, makes them more important visually, and then there aren’t any stragglers all over the house which can be cluttering … it makes it easy to find things when you need them too … a mantel, a table, a windowsill, are all great places to put out things you love and want to see all the time.


tricia foley life|style endpapers | simple pretty

paper ephemera and inspiration*

The world is all about Pinterest, but your book’s endpapers feature printed, REAL inspiration boards. What is it about tactile inspiration that can’t be supplanted by a life lived online?

I’ve been doing inspiration boards my whole life, so couldn’t resist shooting two of them to use as the endpapers…especially when pinterest is so popular now…this is where it all started! I love paper and save bits and pieces if I love the type in an ad, or a visual for the color, or a room for inspiration. I still use a filofax, as I need to write lists and glue images in its pages…

tricia foley life|style endpapers | simple pretty

endpapers, including a plain english kitchen and story deli pizza*

As a (temporary) Londoner, I noticed a few of my favorite spots on your pin boards (Story Deli, egg, and Plain English). What is it about London that inspires you?

I love the mood of London, it’s very reassuring to me…the history, the gardens, the bookstores, the color palette. My family is part English, part Irish, part Scottish, so it must be in the genes!


Tricia, would you share your secret to a perfect party/gathering? Your parties always look perfect to me.

I always come up with a theme first, then plan the look of the table…seasonal, simple, casual. I have a “wardrobe” of china, glass and silver, wood and pottery, and love chosing the pieces and creating a look …I’ve been using big white clamshells with white votive candles on my summer tablescape, on a runner of rough natural canvas and I love the look of it – natural, simple, a bit quirky, the candlelight romantic! The food is always seasonal, and modular. I’m a vegetarian, so I tend to do pastas and salads for simple dinner parties … this summer, it was lemon on everything! lemon zest, pine nuts, herbs on cheese ravioli and big garden salads from the farmstand down the street.

tricia foley autumn gathering (matthew mead photo) | simple pretty

a harvest gathering at tricia’s house for matthew mead’s autumn 2011 magazine

Tricia Foley Life|Style,with a foreword by friend and neighbor Isabella Rossellini, is available now.

image credits: book cover (photo by jeff mcnamara ) and * images courtesy of rizzoli and tricia foley; harvest gathering photo from by matthew mead

please note: a review copy was provided at my request by rizzoli UK.

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Milan Spring 2016: Jil Sander

jil sander spring 2016, look 35 | simple pretty

look 35

I must admit, I am all about shoes at the moment — and am particularly obsessed with slides. And so Jil Sander’s show won me over with its parade of square-toe, practical mules—flats, of course—paired with soft, minimalist silhouettes. A bit of the romance, missing since Raf Simons’ departure, is back. See the complete collection at

jil sander spring 2016, look 8 | simple pretty

look 8

jil sander spring 2016, look 41 | simple pretty

look 41

image credits: marcus tondon/ photos for

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Milan Spring 2016: Bally

bally spring 2016, look 1 | simple pretty

look 1

Such a strong collection from Bally for spring. Look 1 grabbed me out of the gate with its clean and powerful—yet totally wearable—ensemble. (It didn’t hurt that I’ve been thinking about a wide black belt over a long white shirt all week thanks to The Line.) And no surprise, the bags and shoes are très luxe. Bravo, Pablo Coppola. See the full presentation at

bally spring 2016, look 5 | simple pretty

look 5: bag and shoe perfection

bally spring 2016, look 8 | simple pretty

look 8: a pretty pink

bally courtesy photos for

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London Spring 2016: Emilio de la Morena

emilio de la morena spring 2016, look 1 | simple pretty

look 1

Perfection. From the neckline to the textured fabric to the cross-body bag to the pointy-toe shoes. Will be stalking this dress in stores come February. See the complete collection at

emilio de la morena courtesy photo for

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