My Stuff

One of my favorite recurring features in Vanity Fair magazine is “My Stuff”, probably because 1. it tends to feature interesting people; not just the celebrity du jour  2. I love details! and 3. I enjoy playing “could we be friends” based on those details. (For example, I’m convinced Sofia Coppola and I would get along: we’d just talk about our shared love for peonies, prosecco, and Paris.)

This blog has served me well. Ten years ago, prompted by my voracious consumption of the burgeoning lifestyle blog concept — and huge credit here should go to Maria Vettese, whose elegant and eloquent writing at Port2Port gave rise to a whole generation of bloggers — I decided I had something to add to the conversation. I started by speaking of the joys and irritations that arose from living in suburbia while feeling part of a much bigger world. Expressing those thoughts forced me to be both observant and critical of that world. Through editing, I not only refined my aesthetic but became comfortable and confident in it. Blogging allowed me to continue to have an identity of “Jane” and not just “___’s mother”. Over the years, I’ve connected with like-minded and wonderful people from all over the world, many of whom I’ve met “in real life”, and am grateful for their friendship.

But I feel that it’s time to move on. Not only am I no longer a young woman, but much as an internal voice led me to start blogging, that same voice is now gently (but persistently) telling me it’s okay to stop. To let go. To be. To enjoy what’s next.*

And so I have come to the end, dear readers, and would like to close by sharing “My Stuff”.**

Thank you. It cannot be said enough.

jane potrykus: my stuff | simple pretty

* as it’s 2016, and you can’t completely escape a life online and still feel connected, I’ll still be Instagramming flowers and shops, and Twittering political frustrations (an unending supply, it seems), and Tumblr-ing fashion photos, but all of these outlets will most likely become more “Jane” and less “simple pretty” as time goes on.

** with apologies and gratitude to the art department at Vanity Fair for my conceptual appropriation/homage.

image credits: (peony), (french 75), jane potrykus (photo + petersham nurseries), (rose 31), (repetto), brad barket/AP via (jon stewart)



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