Everyday Award Ribbons by Frankie and Claude

everyday award ribbons

It’s hard to discover new things — actually, it’s hard to discover anything — when your trips out of the house are limited to essential grocery and Target runs.* However, I managed to spy these ribbons through a gift shop’s window while waiting to collect my takeaway lunch order at Three Tarts (the best!).

Frankie + Claude‘s clever take on “Everyday Awards” is fantastic. I love the idea of recognizing someone in this moment of crazy for just being; celebrating (and honoring) a quirk with a ribbon worthy of display. Two of the ribbons below correctly describe a personal idiosyncrasy: one of these things is not like the others. Can you guess which one?

frankie and claude everyday award ribbons

overthink everything

frankie and claude everyday award ribbons

in bed by 9

frankie and claude everyday award ribbons

5 minutes late

images via frankieandclaude.com

*and yes, the occasional take-out order as well.