Pretty Pandemic Cocktails: To Go

three sheets' french 75 at shop cuvée | simple pretty

three sheets’ french 75

Per my regular media diet, I’ve recently learned that alcohol sales are up 23% during the pandemic. No small wonder, as cocktail hour is one way to mark the passage of time (and dull the stress of surviving another day of “what’s next?”). Though I usually celebrate by having one glass of red wine, any of these pretty pre-packaged cocktails would be a fun way to introduce a bit of fancy into the monotony.

London’s Three Sheets bar (let’s start by acknowledging that they have the best bar name) offers a plethora of gorgeous drinks, with an Instagram account to back it up. Although I’d love ANY of their cocktails, preferably served table-side in London, I am quite eager to try their twist on the French 75, conveniently packaged in a minimalist-design 750ml bottle (enough to share), sold through sister shop Cuvée.

eugene and elizabeth's margarita | simple pretty

eugene and elizabeth’s fresh margarita mix

Based in Atlanta and part of the Hopkins and Co restaurant group, Eugene and Elizabeth‘s Fresh Margarita Mix features a whimsically illustrated label, and for those of you are trying to reduce — not increase — your pandemic drinking, I would venture that this would also serve as a fantastic marinade for chicken.

st. agrestis negroni | simple pretty

st. agrestis’ negroni

Two things to know about Negronis: 1. They’re delicious 2. Their bitterness allows you to sip instead of swig, allowing for a slower enjoyment of cocktail hour. Brooklyn’s St. Agrestis has a traditional version for sale by the bottle, and all of the ingredients are Brooklyn-made. (I discovered St. Agrestis while perusing the options available at Hi-Lo Liquor Market in Culver City (CA) after a friend posted a photo at the shop on Instagram.)

ramen-san whisky bar cocktails | simple pretty

ramen-san whisky bar cocktails

As a Chicago(area)an, I feel compelled to include a local option, and Ramen-San Whisky bar, part of the Lettuce Entertain You enterprise, has some very apothecary-esque labeled cocktails available to take away. Each label in the range touts the promise of “Increased ability to work from home”.

w and p design old fashioned | simple pretty

virtual happy hour cocktail kit

W and P Design has long sold Carry-on Cocktail Kits designed to help you recreate your favorite cocktail in the air by assembling the components (save the alcohol) in a nifty travel tin. As non-essential air-travel is on hold, they’ve cleverly pivoted to Virtual Happy Hours. Buy two: one to give, one to save, and add a festive internet get-together to the calendar.

pimm's in a can | simple pretty

pimm’s cup in a can

And finally, I’m tagging Pimm’s in a can as the finale to this lineup because it’s not available in the US, and I wish it were, so I could escape a cold but sunny winter day by cracking open a can and pretending it was summer.

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    The packaging of these drinks is so good. I can imagine making a mantelpiece display out of them.