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Hello … it’s become increasingly apparent that deciding to re-launch this blog does not pair well with a pandemic, especially when said re-launch was to focus on travel, and sharing my favorite spots from cities we had hoped — and planned — to visit. But we’re not going anywhere, and I doubt any of you are rapt waiting for my latest “tree of the day” photo or are hoping that I’ll snap yet another photo of Lake Michigan, in attempt to accurately capture the color it is that day. (Truly, one of the small gifts of the pandemic is that the lake does change color, and that fact alone saves the monotony of a daily walk in never-changing surroundings from becoming Groundhog Day.)

At the same time, I’m still putting together Google maps for all of the cities I plan to visit once this is over*. And I still keep 1,000,000 tabs open in my browser of things I think someone else might like knowing about. So, apropos of nothing, here we go …

  • I’m still wearing lipstick … but getting lazier by the second … so my latest get-ready plan involves wearing Gucci’s “René Pink” tinted lip balm as both lipstick and blush, à la Dick Page.
  • Probably too late to order these for 2020 (unless you’re in the UK), but I think these minimalist foil cards from Keep Collect are perfectly suited for this pandemic year.
  • If I only knew how to knit or had the patience to learn, my first “real” project would be this.
  • Perhaps the loveliest advent calendar I’ve ever seen (and a Vienna shop worth visiting … someday soon).
  • I’ve gone deeper than ever into nature this year … perhaps what has drawn me to Superfolk’s stunning collection of nature-themed artwork.
  • Monocle magazine is launching Konfekt, a female-focused quarterly dedicated to “chic, understated glamour”. I cannot wait for my copy to arrive.
  • Obsessed (obsessed!) with the new Charleston hotel/restaurant Post House Inn. It may hold the top spot on my “When I’m out of here” list. If you’ve solved teleporting, do get in touch.
  • Domenica More Gordon’s magnificent collection of dog-themed bags, on display at (and being auctioned through) Tokyo’s Arts&Science. (The auction ends December 13.)

And finally, though it’s fun — and yes, privileged — to sit and click through links for escapism, there are so many people who need help this year. I hope you will consider finding a local food bank who could surely use a donation … No Kid Hungry is another worthy option. Thank you and cheers to 2021: may it be a better year.

* when you get around to traveling and you wonder if I have a map for your destination, get in touch. London, Paris, Boston, Charleston, Birmingham, Seattle … the list is ever growing.

photo at top of Petersham Nurseries … still my favorite place in the world … hoping to return to the land of prosecco-rose petal cocktails and mistletoe very soon.

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