Easter Musings

speckled praline eggs: Madeleine Floyd artwork

In late March, Chicago hangs on the cusp of spring, with warm days sending everyone into a happy delirium, with not-infrequent slides into chilly temps to keep our egos in check. (In my own yard, the snowdrops are the only flowers in bloom, with the narcissus and tulips just starting to poke through the soil.)

And yet the goings-on keep going-on …

With Easter coming this weekend, spring-themed presents have been in abundance on the interwebs. I treated myself to some egg-shaped decorated cookies from Tatte Bakery for some friends and neighbors (and me), but if I were still in England, 2021 would have been all about the Chocolate Detective‘s bird-themed chocolate eggs, with cartons gorgeously illustrated by artist Madeleine Floyd. (And naturally, I added her to my Instagram follow list, too.)

I’m still chipping away at home projects, and like the weather, am running in fits and starts. The current phase is “procrastination” as I’m terrible at making decisions: I regularly second-guess myself. As such, the new site The Expert has me intrigued, as it allows you to set up a 55-minute consultation with a designer from their impressive roster. Wanting to learn more about the backstory, I listened to the Business of Home podcast’s interview with The Expert Founders Leo Seigal and Jake Arnold (and truth be told, I’m even more intrigued now that I’ve learned they’re Brits … perhaps they’ll persuade Rita Konig to join?!? — with London-travel grounded, a girl can dream.)

Speaking of home design, Rue Magazine has just launched a print edition*, and I’m happy to add something fresh to the stack. While I purchased it primarily for the Post House Inn story (yes, still obsessed), I was pleased with the range of projects selected and am looking forward to where this title is headed.

And to close, travel dreams. Probably not getting to Europe any time soon, vaccine or not, so I’m starting to assemble a domestic travel hit-list, and Atlanta is one of the early favorites. So many great food places that also have brilliant design. Little Tart, Root Baking Co, Star Provisions, The Buttery, and pretty much any place with graphic design by Family Bros. … do they walk in Atlanta? Because I feel I’m going to have to be doing a LOT of walking …

image at top via chocolatedetective.co.uk

* helpful hint: while Rue Magazine’s stockist locator will send you to a variety of locations, Barnes&Noble actually HAD it.

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  1. Lisa
    April 1, 2021 / Permalink

    Domestic travel is a wonderful idea. I wish you a happy spring and summer:).