March Musings, Bring-On-Spring Edition

Soooooooo … I was supposed to wake up in London this morning. I think we all know why that didn’t happen. (Spoiler alert: covid.) Out of an abundance of caution, it’s been pushed back a few weeks, and while that means I’ll miss out on English Easter candy-buying, much of the itinerary will remain the same. Fingers crossed we pull it off.

At home, am watching my corner of the world slowly wake up from winter into early signs of spring. Our yard seems to be one of the latest to bloom: there are still just peeks of snowdrops and tops of narcissi tentatively poking their way through the soil, but the birds are more boisterous, and I cannot wait for it all to burst.

I’ve been faking spring for a while inside, forcing branches and arranging simple spring-y bouquets. It’s probably why I’m so in love with these pressed flower cards, which are SO fresh and happy, and a simple digital download! (They’d be perfect for a last-minute garden party! If, like me, you’re unlikely to be hosting a garden party, there’s always room for a little pressed-flower art.)

Decorating is still a work-in-progress. I have finalized the cocktail ottoman + am in the process of ordering fabrics to recover a chair that did not thrive over its term in storage. I signed up for a session with The Expert, in which the consultation  was just-ok but the access to trade brands more than compensated. (Coming soon is a more comprehensive e-commerce experience called “Showroom”: frankly, this a long-overdue disruption.) Speaking of interior design, I realize everyone on the internets has already discussed and shared this, but AD’s recent feature of Deborah Needleman’s house (designed by/with Rita Konig) was pages of eye candy and brilliant as it inspired me to stay the course with my own slow project while I continue to scroll, hoping to find the perfect spot for “what’s next”.

As far as reading/watching/listening, am thrilled that My Brilliant Friend is back for season three at HBO. Though I’ve read almost everything else Michael Lewis has written, I finally got around to reading Liars Poker, and in the most backwards of ways, have started reading the My Brilliant Friend series, too. Next up is Ina Garten’s new show, “Be My Guest”, which will have a companion podcast. (Looks like I’ll be reactivating the Discovery+ membership for a bit.) And I’m hoping to see Drive My Car and Worst Person in the World.

Am always curious about new places and things. These amazing illustrations piqued my interest about the soon-to-launch Newt Boutique … the same rationale applies to Restaurant Pastis … and I follow the gorgeously chocolate-box food shop Speceributik on Instagram, so it was nice to read a bit more about how it came into being (field trip to Malmö, anyone?) And have to check out this gasoline stand next time I’m in Paris, if only to try this soda.

But right now, the best news of all is that morning walks are back on. No more rehab, no more scarves and boots, and hopefully, no more snow.

photo at top: sunrise beach, lake bluff, on march 17, by jane potrykus

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    Thank you, Jane:). I hope your trip to England materializes wonderfully.