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Favorites: February 2016

It’s mid-February: fashion week moves to London today, and the city feels on the cusp of spring. After a very warm December, we’ve been mired in cold, damp weather of late, which somehow has convinced me that it’s been a long, cold winter despite the evidence to the contrary. Every sunny day, I’m filled with […]

Vintage French Bullion Boxes

Filed under: instant obsession. Discovered during weekend wandering at Lassco Ropewalk (Maltby Market), these vintage Banque de Paris gold bullion boxes caught my eye. The pressed-cardboard boxes are utilitarian-sturdy, but are visually upgraded thanks to the rivet details. I’ve already designated one for Paris souvenir storage — bien sûr — and though I bought a set of boxes […]

Paris In Winter

Sometimes, it seems that the universe aligns to deliver the book you need at the exact moment you need it. This January, Paris In Winter was that book.* Written and gloriously illustrated in watercolor by Minnesota-based artist David Coggins, Paris In Winter (powerHouse Books $24.95) serves as a memoir/journal of his family’s annual trips to Paris, a […]


I continue to envelop myself in January’s quiet, poring over gardening magazines and taking lots of walks. A recent addition to my magazine habit is the English publication Gardens Illustrated — which oddly enough, I came across while at the Chicago Botanic Garden over the holidays. While flipping through the latest issue, dreaming of my future […]

Favorites: January 2016

Here we are at January, again. Suddenly, there’s all the time in the world but less that I’m motivated to do. I’ve dragged out the non-original, repetitive (yet well-intended) resolutions for a re-boot, and am hopeful that in this winter/spring of uncertainty, that the pieces will naturally fall into place. Less broody is the thought […]