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March Musings, Bring-On-Spring Edition

Soooooooo … I was supposed to wake up in London this morning. I think we all know why that didn’t happen. (Spoiler alert: covid.) Out of an abundance of caution, it’s been pushed back a few weeks, and while that means I’ll miss out on English Easter candy-buying, much of the itinerary will remain the […]

Favorites: December 2015

Happy Santa Lucia Day! It’s the season of bittersweet for me, as I adopted this holiday when my buddy was a baby, and this is the last year he’ll be at home for the celebrations. A reminder that time churns along, and the best you can do is be present and enjoy the now. (Said […]

Transitions and New Beginnings

Eight years ago today, I started a blog. “Midwest Musings” was oh-so-personal as I wrote about my obsessions, observations, and irritations du jour. Later, as I found my voice, I wrote at “The Speckled Egg” about my enthusiasm for stationery and fashion. For a while, I was posting multiple stories daily as inspiration was seemingly […]

Press: simple + pretty at tada! shop

I’m so pleased to have been asked to participate in tada! shop’s guest editor series: their product selection is top-notch. You can see my picks (and shopping list) at screen shot from | thanks, holly, for the opportunity!

Tag Sale Updates

Hello! Despite the sheer lunacy of taking on this task during the holidays, I’m in the throes of cleaning stuff out: selling, giving away, and occasionally, throwing away. I’ve added a couple of new pieces to my tag sale … if you’re looking for jewelry, handbags, cashmere or shoes, please take a moment to check […]