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March Musings, Bring-On-Spring Edition

Soooooooo … I was supposed to wake up in London this morning. I think we all know why that didn’t happen. (Spoiler alert: covid.) Out of an abundance of caution, it’s been pushed back a few weeks, and while that means I’ll miss out on English Easter candy-buying, much of the itinerary will remain the […]

January Musings, Still-at-Home Edition

I have to be honest, I never imagined that over two years into this pandemic predicament, I would feel so isolated, trying to distract myself by keeping busy, marking the passage of time and wondering when things would get better (to which the answer seems to perpetually be “next month”). In many ways, this parallels […]

E. Frances Mother’s Day Cards

Newport, RI-based E. Frances has some darling Mother’s Day cards out this year. I spotted these at my local flower shop on one of my (very) regular flower runs, but if you’re not in my neck of the woods, there’s always the E. Frances online shop. images via

New Kartotek Cards

Pretty paper never fails to cheer me up. These cards, among a set of new releases from Copenhagen-based studio Kartotek, did the trick this week. images via

Everyday Award Ribbons by Frankie and Claude

It’s hard to discover new things — actually, it’s hard to discover anything — when your trips out of the house are limited to essential grocery and Target runs.* However, I managed to spy these ribbons through a gift shop’s window while waiting to collect my takeaway lunch order at Three Tarts (the best!). Frankie […]