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Favorites: May 2016

May is one big buffet of bittersweet this year. Right on schedule, nature is exploding in a barrage of pinks … we spent a sunny weekend in Paris … it’s light until 9pm. But at the same time, high school graduation is NEXT WEEK. And the emotions of goodbyes are washing over me. With some […]

Favorites: April 2016

Is there anything better than peony season? My heart jumps a bit when I first spot a bucket of golf-ball sized buds at flower stands. That said, apologies in advance for the glut/surfeit/bounty of peony pictures you’ll have to endure at Instagram (just from me!) over the next couple of months — worth it, I […]

Favorites: March 2016

Hello, spring! I’ve been waiting for you, though all is forgiven as you appeared just in time for the rugby end-of-season tournament in Leiden (the Netherlands). And with Daylight Savings Time underway in the US, things are improving at a rapid pace. The end of rugby signals the beginning of baseball in my world …. […]

Favorites: February 2016

It’s mid-February: fashion week moves to London today, and the city feels on the cusp of spring. After a very warm December, we’ve been mired in cold, damp weather of late, which somehow has convinced me that it’s been a long, cold winter despite the evidence to the contrary. Every sunny day, I’m filled with […]

Favorites: January 2016

Here we are at January, again. Suddenly, there’s all the time in the world but less that I’m motivated to do. I’ve dragged out the non-original, repetitive (yet well-intended) resolutions for a re-boot, and am hopeful that in this winter/spring of uncertainty, that the pieces will naturally fall into place. Less broody is the thought […]