The Institute of You

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contents of package one

The Institute of You, developed by Trish Papadakos, is a service designed to help you maximize career satisfaction. An eight week program, it consists of mailings, emails and text which break down the difficult work of achieving career goals (and figuring out what those goals are) into practical exercises and tasks. Trish developed the program as her MA thesis for Design Studies at Central Saint Martins. (I feel I had a front row seat as I followed her progress at Flickr.) She was kind enough to send me the first mailing so I could get a feel for the program. It’s practical, no doubt influenced by Trish’s own questions during her year of mostly self-directed study. The exercises in the first packet have me thinking, and it’s so gorgeously designed, which definitely acts as a carrot for me! I’m going to apply my abridged program to my own search for what’s next.

Are you intrigued? Check out the Institute of You’s website, where you’ll take a short quiz to figure out if you’re a starter, climber, or seeker (stage of career) and sign up! You can also read more about the program’s details here (pdf).

trish papadakos 'the institute of you' | simple pretty

pocket notebook to carry with you

trish papadakos 'the institute of you' | simple pretty

You can also read more about Trish and The Institute of You in the latest issue of Uppercase Magazine.


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