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Photo Favorites: September 2015

I’d really like to know where the first half of September has gone. It’s the same every year: the month starts with anticipation and excitement over the beginning of school and then boom! it’s meetings meetings meetings and forms and more meetings. To add to that, both of my “boys” have September birthdays. Neither is […]

Photo Favorites: August 2015

I recently tweeted “all of life is making peace with letting go”, and the past month has been spent living out that maxim. Senior Year looms large (a 9-month exercise in making peace with letting go if ever there was one), and my moral compass has retired (hyperbole, as I still know right from wrong, but Jon […]

Photo Favorites: July 2015

Summer 2015 is racing along. So far, I’ve survived an early-July London heat wave, the Tube strike, and have just returned from an overnight trip to Bath. It’s such an elegant, livable city, and the feel is what I’d like to capture in our next spot. Big enough for options (and cafes); small enough for […]

Photo Favorites: June 2015

My world is all about roses at the moment. Every chance I get, I head to Paddington Street Gardens in Marylebone to take in the overwhelming display of blooms. (An Instagram friend remarked that roses must thrive on pollution and neglect, and given their success in London, I’m inclined to agree.) Trying to enjoy every […]

Photo Favorites: May 2015

May is flying right along (at times, I feel like I’m living life with the fast-forward button on). At the end of this week, I’m heading to New York to attend the stationery show: I’m so excited to see what’s new from my creative paper friends and get a dose of the USA. Back in […]