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Favorites: December 2015

Happy Santa Lucia Day! It’s the season of bittersweet for me, as I adopted this holiday when my buddy was a baby, and this is the last year he’ll be at home for the celebrations. A reminder that time churns along, and the best you can do is be present and enjoy the now. (Said […]

Favorites: November 2015

I’ve finally figured out the disconnect between my “I love London weather!” admonitions and everyone else’s “Are you crazy?” reactions — it’s the fact that November weather, mysterious and sometimes gloomy and more-often-than-not overcast speaks deeply to me. Until this point, I thought I was a California-sunshine kind of girl, the one who basks in […]

Photo Favorites: October 2015

Glorious October weather continues to rule London, and I couldn’t be happier. Autumn’s bounty is bursting at the seams, and crisp, warm-in-the-sun days are perfect for exploring. Wherever you are in the world (welcoming spring or basking in fall), get out and enjoy it. For visual motivation, check out some of my recent favorites at […]

Photo Favorites: September 2015

I’d really like to know where the first half of September has gone. It’s the same every year: the month starts with anticipation and excitement over the beginning of school and then boom! it’s meetings meetings meetings and forms and more meetings. To add to that, both of my “boys” have September birthdays. Neither is […]

Photo Favorites: August 2015

I recently tweeted “all of life is making peace with letting go”, and the past month has been spent living out that maxim. Senior Year looms large (a 9-month exercise in making peace with letting go if ever there was one), and my moral compass has retired (hyperbole, as I still know right from wrong, but Jon […]