Photo Favorites: August 2015

grayslake red house | simple pretty

from last week’s trip to the Chicago suburbs

I recently tweeted “all of life is making peace with letting go”, and the past month has been spent living out that maxim. Senior Year looms large (a 9-month exercise in making peace with letting go if ever there was one), and my moral compass has retired (hyperbole, as I still know right from wrong, but Jon had a way of making me feel better about all the wrongs out in the world). Not to mention, fall is on the way: it’s my favorite season, despite the pervasiveness of intense beauty tinged with decay transitioning to intense decay tinged with beauty — or maybe it’s because of that?

At any rate, the Dog Days of summer 2015 were devoted to introspection, re-finding my place in the world, grabbing beauty where I could, and trying to settle into a contentment with “what is”.

A few images that capture that sentiment*:

  1. a few of many old stone outbuildings …
  2. French figs
  3. A late great …
  4. a moody, sombre haze.
  5. #manlyflowergram
  6. Came home to find these …
  7. weekend getaway …
  8. Cup board love
  9. Beauty & the bench
  10. untitled
  11. Bath(ed) in soft sunlight.
  12. Vitamin Sea …
  13. Post-hike
  14. No filter needed …
  15. #foggymorning
  16. I feel a peach cake …
  17. Jens Risom’s Block Island family retreat
  18. #ADK
  19. Friday.

* while putting together this list, I happily discovered that Instagram no longer limits you to the 300 most recent favorites! Hooray!

Also, while I remain uncomfortable tooting my own horn, I would like to thank the exquisite (and très Utilitarian Luxe® shop) Summerill & Bishop for including me in its recent list of  “Our Loves on Instagram”. What company to be keeping, and what an honor.

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