Favorites: November 2015

london fog (primrose hill) november 2015: jane potrykus | simple pretty

london fog: november 2, 2015

I’ve finally figured out the disconnect between my “I love London weather!” admonitions and everyone else’s “Are you crazy?” reactions — it’s the fact that November weather, mysterious and sometimes gloomy and more-often-than-not overcast speaks deeply to me. Until this point, I thought I was a California-sunshine kind of girl, the one who basks in a parade of endlessly sunny, 75 degree days. Turns out, I’m happiest when it’s 58 and cloudy, the leaves are considering their plight, and ochre and brown are the colors of the moment. (Admittedly, it’s England, so the glass is plenty green, and that helps.) A fog of melancholy has settled in my brain as well. It’s okay: I welcome it. It acknowledges the fact that, while my son’s senior year is predominantly one of celebration, it comes with more than tinge of sadness for me. Surrendering to that sadness heightens the joy. And circling back, maybe my love of imperfect, romantic weather is what allows me to appreciate California weather while I’m there. And don’t worry: I still hate snow.

To enhance this November spirit of giving thanks, what follows are a few of my current favorite things from around the Internet: for this month (at least) not just photos. Enjoy.


  1. The view from a new project site …
  2. The city where the fog is a tourist attraction.
  3. One more from Port San Luis ~
  4. Untitled
  5. Closed for the season.
  6. fingers cross for rain today!
  7. hundreds of ducks
  8. Think I’m ready to go sailing again…
  9. Morning walk.
  10. Mist rolling over tree covered slopes
  11. by the sea today.

To listen:

  1. “I May Know the Word”  Natalie Merchant, Paradise Is There
  2. “Lasso” Phoenix, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  3. “She’s the One”  World Party, Egyptology
  4. “Into the Mystic” Van Morrison, Moondance
  5. “Come Pick Me Up” Ryan Adams, Heartbreaker

To read:

  1. Letting Go of Stories
  2. Taxonomy of Design
  3. Exploring Blue Hill in Maine
  4. The Thanksgiving Project
  5. On What People Think

photo at top: london fog, november 2, 2015 by jane potrykus

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  1. Diane
    November 12, 2015 / Permalink

    I find that the Fall suits me as well, but I always blamed it on being born in the Fall. :)