Rita Konig: The Complete House

rita konig: the complete house workshop | simple pretty

notebook, pencil + schedules for the day

I’m not sure where my infatuation/obsession? with Rita Konig began, but I know that it was cemented during the golden years of Domino magazine. Whenever I spotted her byline on a story, I knew I was in for a treat, whether the subject was how to decorate a rental (she found NYC’s “just paint it white when you’re done” rule freeing), throw an impromptu party, or my personal favorite, her recurring series of city guides. If I was familiar with the city in question, I would nod in agreement with her choices, yet she never failed to inspire me with a new find. If I wasn’t, I knew that when I did visit, following her suggestions would leave me in good stead.

Konig’s effortless approach to decorating straddles the luxe and livable line to great effect. Her time in New York made her especially adept at translating British style for Americans who covet the look but don’t have access to an attic-full of aristocratic hand-me-downs. Her influence pops up again and again when I put together inspiration boards for a space. (Not only has she reinvigorated my love for the color pink in a home, but I keep coming back to the brilliance of gallery walls thanks to her.)

Recently, Konig began offering day-long seminars on “The Complete House” at her London home. It’s the perfect setting for such a workshop as her residence has undergone a substantial renovation since her purchase a few years ago. (Trust me when I tell you that the interiors are stunning; they will soon be published in a UK shelter magazine, hence the photo embargo.) Intrigued by the concept, I attended a session on a recent Friday. Over the course of the day, Konig not only candidly shared the practical aspects of the flat’s transformation — the importance of organization and planning, the necessity of having fun during the process — but also shared plenty of photos of other favorite projects for further inspiration. I tried to soak in as much as possible so that when we land at “What’s Next” I’ll be ready to go, but thankfully, all attendees were sent home with a pdf of go-to sources. That document will help jump-start my memory when I’m an ocean away.

rita konig: the complete house workshop | simple pretty

lots of visual examples were provided

The majority of the seminar took place in the living room. I must admit, my attention was divided at times between the slide show on the television and the gorgeous pink walls, jam-packed with artwork.

rita konig: the complete house workshop | simple pretty

practical + pretty: adjustable bookshelves from MDF (with a fancy edge, of course)

Konig’s bookcases, fashioned from MDF with decorative edging, were both covetable and financially achievable. Which is a good thing, as I want lots of bookshelves at our next house.

rita konig: the complete house workshop | simple pretty

lunch break: soup, bread + cheese

Attendees were well fed: the day began with coffee or tea; lunch was a relaxed meal of soup, bread and cheese (with cake for dessert) and the day concluded with a celebratory glass of prosecco and a goodie bag with the components for a good G&T at home.

rita konig: the complete house workshop | simple pretty

an elegant bar tray (très rita)

An important London souvenir will be an enamel drinks tray, designed by Konig for The Lacquer Company and available at her newly launched e-store. But which color? (Who are we kidding: probably pale grey.)

rita konig: the complete house workshop | simple pretty

chair love

Tied for favorite furnishing of the day were these cozy (yet pretty) open-arm chairs. I’m on the hunt for my own version to cover in sheepskin.

More workshop dates have just been added and can be booked through her website. If you’re in London, I highly recommend it.

A Rita Konig mini-bibliography:

  1. Domino magazine’s online archives
  2. Jane Flanagan/Ill Seen, Ill Said
  3. A Lovely Being featured Rita Konig on Framing (and yes, you can see a bit more of the house)
  4. Rita Konig’s Website, Instagram,  Twitter + Facebook

all photos by jane potrykus


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    What a lovely detailed post with such beautiful photos! I’m inspired to take the class.